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Chengdu, it is saidto be a city that you still want to come to. You can take nothing with you,just walk in and walk through the streets, but your memory will be filled. It'slike walking into the 39Feng. when you come, you don't want to leave. You can'thelp slowing down your pace. Don't let the time slip away at will.   

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The plot is located in Shaocheng, Chengdu,adjacent to Xinhua Avenue and Dongchenggen street. It is the real center ofChengdu and will not change with the changes of the city and will not besubmerged by the tide of the times.

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In this precious place, wehope to break the balance of the existing space, inject fresh blood into thesite with the design language with a strong sense of future, activate the"heart of Chengdu", and wake up people's beautiful imagination offuture life.We hope to use a very simple,pure and artistic design method to intervene in the site. She does not needgorgeous decoration. It is very pure, ethereal and elegant, just like a quietvirgin waiting to be seen.

"Seclusion" is akind of life attitude of people here, and a kind of indifferent and elegantphilosophy of life. We can feel it, but we may not really realize it.

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It tells of thirty-nine memories of a smallcity people, each of which can arouse emotional resonance. A mottled"green tile", a soft "folding fan", or a narrow"street" have all been integrated into the memory of the old city.

Design is a kind of container. We hope that inthe future art space, the soul of each story will be carefully placed, and themodern art and oriental aesthetics will be integrated to produce chemicalreaction, so as to deduce a new Chengdu heart and a leading world.

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Old door, carved windows, green tiles,

None of them is the carrier of the old rhyme ofChengdu,

The old block is also the mark of the city.



Just like the red wall Lane in the heart ofChengdu, it is an indispensable color of the old city of Chengdu. Translucentfrosted glass is hazy, elegant and not dull. It creates the magic of light andshadow. The light refracts through the glass and presents a kind of artistictension like shadow play, which makes people want to explore the truth.


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The oriental cultural charm of the place withround sky. This is a very magical cultural force. Through the dome and the bluesky and white clouds, it seems to be able to communicate with heaven and earth.

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Once again, the light gathered and fell intothe water with the light paper art installation, dancing, shining, bright andbeautiful. The water in the ancient copper water bowl falls into the green tilefloor, just like layers of waves. We interpret the culture of folding fan withmodern materials, hoping to present this elegant rhythm. The most beautifulmoment is that the lights are on at night, the whole anteroom is full of softlight, and the stars are shining around the ring, which is natural with thenight scene in the circle. Rendering, overlapping, forming the connectionbetween the past and the future, the artistic conception is far-reaching.

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In the old house with green bricks and whitetiles,

Carrying the charm of a small city,

Each building has its own characteristics ofthe times.



Through the window of time, we can see the timein the distance.

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The entrance of the hall means "fishleaping over the dragon's gate". Flying fish leapt on the wall, reflectingin the water, dancing in the light, sparkling, like a swimming dragon.

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The streets of Chengdu are winding and long,

Walking on the ancient stone street swayingwith bamboo groves,

Feel the historical story of the old city.



"Wide and narrow lane" is a kind ofspace philosophy with far-reaching artistic conception. The "narrow"of wide lane is the mark of carefree life, and the "wide" of narrowlane is the memory of comfortable life. The narrow path, open or closed,emphasizes the boundary, but also has no boundary. It is surrounded by woods orfloating in Jingkong water garden. Walking on the quiet stone road, it seemsthat you are walking in the streets of Shaocheng, oblivious to yourself.

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Water is the lifeline of city life,

Chengdu is a city born of water,

A city proud of water.



In a daze, we will look for old friends andintimate friends in our memory, for example, scattered gravel, winding water,undulating mountains, falling water inkstones, and the artistic conceptionspace of the integration of modern art and oriental aesthetics.


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The red maple trees in the corner add a littlepoetic and elegance to this space.

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Slow paced leisure is the name card of Chengdu,

From the beginning of morning tea, I wasimmersed in a sense of belonging,

Slow down and experience the essence of slowlife in Chengdu.



At the end of the alley, there are layers offorest, and a pure glass box is placed in it. It seems that it comes from thefuture, but it is integrated with the natural environment. When the sun shinesthrough the trees and into the box, when the fog has not yet dispersed in theforest, the sun is warm and bright through the leaves. In this time forest, wehope to bring a sense of future and artistic slow life.


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静坐,思忖… …

Pure space, the world is quiet down

Leisure time, life is slow down

We just need a cup of tea, a book, a piece ofmusic

Bathed in the gentle setting sun

Sit still and think… …

PART5 结语


Chengdu is a city that you don't want to leavewhen you come. You want to explore the prosperity and beauty of the old city,enjoy the leisure and leisure of slow life. Chengdu is still moving forward inthe long river of time, and the feelings of the heart of the city will notdissipate with the development of the times.









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