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NDA is proud to announce that the Anhui Hefei TV Centre has reached its 10-year anniversary! For a decade the TV Centre has been a beacon for the city and the province, heralding a bright new future of knowledge and technological innovation.


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Hefei is the capital of Anhui province, and as such has the gargantuan responsibility to lead the 62m people population into the future. Both powerful in symbolism and size, the TV Centre makes the perfect icon, as a combination of cutting-edge technology, ambitious design, and record world firsts.

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With that in mind we set to break records. At completion the Anhui Hefei TV Centre was the tallest building in Anhui Province, the longest building in China, the largest display of Chinese subtitles in the world, and the largest multifunctional studio theatre in Asia.

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NDA knew that the TV Centre had to be an everlasting iconic symbol of the city. The flowing lines of the building move upward in swift momentum, recalling an unfolding paper scroll, simultaneously representing the Chinese invention of paper, whilst also showing the spread of knowledge. 

At the same time, the shape also recalls a rising dragon, suggesting power and strength, whilst from a bird’s eye view, the structure is shaped like a flying phoenix.

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The façade of the TV Centre is etched in calligraphy, a form of strokes that focused on elegance and beauty, a stark contrast to the modern high-tech functions of the Centre itself, in huge characters that magnificent  even from afar. 

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To be a critical part of Anhui’s broadcasting efforts, the TV Centre would have to be functionally relevant for decades to come. That’s why we created it to be as functional as it is beautiful.

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In an industry as fast paced as broadcasting, the TV Centre had to be able to host and facilitate actors, audiences, production teams, and bulky equipment, all at a moment’s notice.

The atrium connects all parts of the broadcasting process together. When time is of the essence, architectural design must facilitate efficiency, so we designed the atrium where all departments of the broadcasting process are within direct access of each other. 

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The long-curved walls allow for the lines of screens that broadcasting teams need. The corridors snake through the building allowing both rapid freedom of movement, but also careful control of people flow when needed. Anticipating that hierarchical structures in the workplace will disappear and impromptu collaboration is the future, we design opened interiors that create opportunities for unplanned creative encounters. 

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At completion Anhui Hefei TV Centre was not only the largest broadcasting project in Anhui, but the largest in China, replete with the most advanced technical equipment. This includes the largest multifunctional broadcasting hall in Asia at 3,600sqm with a dynamic stage spanning 36 metres that can take eight different forms.

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Environmental concerns are always a priority for NDA, and for such a gigantic structure even more so. At 371,000sqm the potential environmental impact could be huge so we designed the TV Centre with a double skin, creating space in between the layers where air naturally circulates, meaning cooler temperatures in summer. 

In winter the TV Centre takes advantage of its position by Swan Lake by using its water for a pump heating system. 

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A decade on, the Anhui Hefei TV Centre has truly become an icon of the city. Featured on a myriad posters, adverts and pictures, the Anhui Hefei TV Centre is as symbolic of Hefei as the Oriental Pearl Tower is of Shanghai.

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Through its broadcasting the TV Centre has entertained and informed millions of people through hits like “Legend of the Dragon Pearl” and “Kunlun Fight”, as well as regular news programs.

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But in person, millions have been tangibly entertained too. Before the TV Centre was built, the area was undeveloped and in need of revitalisation, now people can enjoy it as an audience watching live broadcasts, as tourists viewing the city from the observation deck, or simply as pleasure seekers, enjoying the grounds and the serenity of neighbouring Swan Lake.

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Search online for the word ‘Hefei’ and millions of images of the TV Centre show up, photographed a million different times through a million different lenses, all with their own style, meaning, and story to tell. 

For a decade now, the TV Centre has been an unmissable backdrop to the most photographed part of the Hefei skyline. But this is just the beginning, and NDA is proud to be part of the Hefei journey into the future.

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