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PARA VERT的初衷旨在将大自然带入室内空间——越原始越好,越天然越好。

The idea behind PARA VERT was to reintroduce nature into interior space. As natural and untamed as possible.

Tilla Goldberg

Director of Product Design


Ippolito Fleitz Group



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From the moment man took a bite of the apple, paradise became a jungle: An awareness of life’s complexity marked the beginning of our restless nature. And ever since, man has earned his living by the sweat of his brow. At least that’s the story so far. Now, however, a change of well-nigh biblical proportions is being ushered into our work worlds, as we bid farewell to ‘old school’ and welcome in ‘new work’. Up until now, this change has meant more neon slides and bouncy castles. But a new figure is now entering the work world, with the power to rethink everything from scratch: Its complexity is not demanding, on the contrary, it makes everybody’s life more pleasant. And wherever a jungle is introduced, a little more peace follows. Above all, it succeeds in sharing space, any space – and uniting the people in it. Its core principle is growth, growth, growth – yet it is 100% people-friendly. And as green as the prevailing zeitgeist demands.

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简单说来,PARA VERT是一组模块化、可任意搭配组合的空间隔断。它由许多容器组成,既可用来种花,又可用来储物。PARAVERT可分隔空间,将办公室划分成多个功能区,同时在一定程度上发挥隔音和遮挡视线的作用。不可忽视的是,丰富的绿植能给办公空间带来乐观放松的气氛,有效清洁每人每日呼吸的15000升空气,使员工的患病率最高可降低50%。不仅如此,另有研究证明,在绿植环绕的环境中工作,对人的身心健康有巨大的保护作用,人的创造力能有效增强,乐趣更多,主观能动性能得到更加充分的发挥。而且,齐心协力维护绿植还能成为人与人之间的联系纽带,增强团队的沟通和凝聚力。绿色心理医生PARAVERT由brunner公司推出,于2020年面市,欢迎访问brunner主页了解更多详情 。另外,PARA VERT不仅适用于工作场所,而且也适用于家居,为您的家中凭添一抹舒适放松的绿色。

Hello to climate change!

In simple terms, the PARA VERT is a modular and freely expandable spatial structure. Its containers can be planted, or used for storage. In the first instance, the PARA VERT serves as a room divider – offering a way in which to zone an office space, as well as affording noise and visual protection. Moreover, it actively improves the work atmosphere: It helps clean the 15,000 litres of air that each and every one of us uses on a daily basis. Thereby reducing disease rates by up to 50%. And that’s not all: Studies have shown that people who are working on a difficult task in a greened space display significantly fewer physical and mental stress reactions. What is more, they come up with more creative solutions and have more fun in the process – overall intrinsic motivation is enhanced sustainably. Taking care of the plants together has the additional effect of deepening bonding in the workplace, and promotes a feeling of belonging amongst employees. The green therapist for our new work worlds is available from 
brunner from 2020. And for those of you with a boss who hasn’t yet embraced the concept of newwork, you are more than welcome to have one at home.


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Philip Kottlorz

Stefan Hohloch

Ippolito Fleitz Group


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