FUKSAS赢得了保加利亚Sveta Nedelya Square改造竞赛

Fuksas won the competition for the restoration of Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia, Bulgaria


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新的Sveta Nedelya广场位于保加利亚首都索非亚市中心,占地34,000平方米,是国家级的重要地标。设计考虑了其周边现存的建筑遗产,考古学发现,和宗教建筑,并计划在此基础上,创造一种强烈的文化可识别性。我们想要融合古代与现代城市的差异。

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新的Sveta Nedelya广场将不仅仅是一个全敞开的博物馆,还会是一个可以创建丰富联系的社交空间。通过使周边的一些大道人行道化(如Kyaginya Maria Luiza大道,Aleksandar Stamboliyski大道,Vitosha大道和Saborna ulitsa),这个广场将会发挥一个社交催化剂的作用。我们想要证明古代城市和现代城市的连续性,通过广场铺地上的罗马式Cardo,强调古代和现代部分的流线仍然是和谐共存的。考古学遗迹将会被保护起来,并被可踏的玻璃地板所覆盖,揭示了这个广场所经历过的多个历史时期。”

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硬地的网格抬升并产生了一种像森林一样的表皮,上面林立着“高技顶棚”,使人联想到了玫瑰形状(保加利亚国花),还有Sveta Nedelya教堂南面和北面带有门廊的立面。这一“高技顶棚”,除了遮风避雨,还能利用可再生能源创造一个零排放的广场。在白天的时候,它能够通过其顶部的透明光伏太阳能板将太阳能转化为电能。它们也可以收集雨水,为场地内的水景观所利用。同时,高技顶棚在夜晚的时候可以利用其白天储藏的能源照亮整个广场,使广场聚集更多人气,并且更安全。”

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The new Sveta Nedelya Square is situated in the heart of the city of Sofia, with an area of 34.000 sqm it will be a key intervention for the entire Nation. In order to create a strong cultural identity, our project enhances and integrates the existent architectural heritage, the archaeological findings and all the religious buildings, giving them equal cultural value. Our aim is to reduce the dichotomy between the ancient and contemporary city.

'We started our design from the Roman framework, using the Cardo and Decumanus to extrapolate the square module, a pure geometric shape. The tram line divides the square grid into two parts, creating a public park and a paved square. The new Sveta Nedelya Square will not only be an open-air museum, but also a place of social interaction able to generate connections. Through the pedestrianization of a part of the Kyaginya Maria Luiza boulevard, Aleksandar Stamboliyski boulevard, Vitosha boulevard and the Saborna Ulitsa, the intervention will act as a social catalyst. We wanted to demonstrate the continuity between history and contemporary city by showing the presence of the ancient Roman cardo through the flooring, highlighting the fact that the principal ancient and contemporary flows still coincide. The archaeological ruins will be protected and covered by walkable squared glass panels, unveiling and enhancing the different historical periods this place has lived through.'

The pavement modules rise up and generate a sort of forest-like covering made of vertical elements, the “hi-tech canopies”, recalling the shape of the rose, Bulgarian national flower, as well as the northern and southern porticoed facades of the Sveta Nedelya Cathedral. This high-tech canopy, besides providing shelter, uses renewable energy to create a zero-impact square. During the day it transforms sunlight into electricity through transparent photovoltaic solar panels located on the upper part. They also allow rainwater to be collected in order to supply the water features for landscape maintenance. Thanks to the energy stored during the day the hi-tech canopy elements will be able to light up the square, making it accessible and safer at night.”

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