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In the natural map, Guizhou has left an impression of “the strange stones stand in the woods, and the trees and rocks depend on each other” to the world. The unique Guizhou landscapes inspire us, and “stones” give prominence to the site. Exploring the wonderful relationship among mountains, rivers, and stone forests, and carving out unique scene of the "Guizhou stone world".


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There is natural woodland on the site. We tried to find out stories between the site characteristics and the city's landscape, to create a vibe that belongs to this site and fits the characteristics of the city. A microscopic world with natural mountains and rivers is in the stone. The prominence of Xiangshi has the rules of thick, dignified, round, ethereal, exquisite, courteous, graceful, and strong. The design integrates the characteristics of Xiangshi into the site to create a world with stone.

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The entrance is inspired by the Qiandi mountain stone. We extracted its form from the stone and transformed it to the element of the entrance. The scattered, elegant outline, like a stone forest emerging from the ground firmly attracts visitors. The sloping "Fu Shi" stands in the air, depending on the scenery wall. Gradually narrowing the line of sight to the low-key and luxurious entrance, people could not help to explore the secrets.

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Sparkling stars lead us to move forward, and a corner of the building emerges from the gap in the tunnel. The line of sight is suppressed, giving people interest in exploring.

Entering the stone forest, we intend to create the artistic conception of the natural starry sky and design the starry sky-dome in line with the atmosphere of the urban mountain forest on the site.

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Starry sky-dome breaks traditional floodlight method to increase the transparency of the space level. The light formed a starry sky, adopting the triangular gradient punched aluminum plate as the ceiling to make up for the defects of the punching plate itself and to avoid exposure of the internal keel and block astigmatism. The internal keel and aluminum plate are treated with the same color system, and the linear lamp is installed in combination with the keel to better increase the flicker of light and avoid uneven light transmission and direct light.

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Passing through the stone gate, the line of sight suddenly opens up like The Land of Peach Blossom. Following the stone path, reach to the large mirrored waterscape in the center, where the reflection of the building extends the sense of interest of the space. The paved schist in the water is visible, adding a sense of nature to the waterscape.

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As night falls, the blank space of underwater starlight reflects each other with the building. Large areas of transparent glass blur the indoor and outdoor spaces, and in the distance is the sound of gurgling waterfalls.

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The cliff stood out in the still water of one side, and the gurgling water hangs in the sky like floating clouds.


The texture-rich stone wall mirrors the water surface, reflecting layers of sparkling light, and the flowing water splashes on the still water surface, shining with the lights in the water. The green leaves all around are sparsely shaded and lush.

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Passing through the Sales Center, the sun shines through the shade of the trees and casts dappled light and shadow, as if people are bathed in the mountains and forests, living in seclusion in the valley. Taking a break on the platform outside the Sales Center, imagining the beautiful and peaceful life in the future.

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The mountains and rocks are shining brightly, and the vegetation is surplus. By extracting the elements of natural mountains and rocks, looking for unique Guizhou landscapes, exploring the wonderful relationship among mountains, canyons, rivers, and stone forests, containing the wisdom of nature, as if wandering in a stone world.

后  记


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In the selection of materials for the entrance view wall, new materials and new techniques have been chosen, replaced the traditional granite stone with paper-covered stone, which greatly shortened the construction period and reduced the load. The mosaic tile can be bent arbitrarily on a special-shaped arc surface without consumables. It has low costs in installation and transportation, high efficiency, and no risk of falling off and hurting people, which has great advantages. During the construction process, the team communicated closely with the construction party, strictly controlled the texture and color of the paper-covered stone, and strived to present the best landing effect.

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