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Kunming Hotel has been a city icon as far back as anyone can remember. Playing host to distinguished guests, diplomats, and leaders, the hotel’s prestige is unparalleled, and it has long been a source of pride and glory for the city.

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正是在这样的背景下,NDA 肩负着重新设计昆明酒店以适应新旧时代交替发展的重大责任。

It’s in this context then that NDA shoulders a great responsibility in redesigning Kunming Hotel for the modern era, where we match its glorious past to an even more brilliant future.

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NDA 的任务是精心保护这座历史建筑并在其遗产基础上进行建设,以对这家传奇饭店进行现代化改造。我们的出发点是让当地传统、传奇故事和现代高端的酒店需求完美契合。

NDA was tasked with creating a study to modernize this legendary hotel, carefully preserving the historical structure and building upon the heritage it embodies. 

The study starts from the point of realization that Kunming Hotel’s heritage, and the region’s legendary warm welcome, are perfectly aligned with high end hospitality.

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如果问昆明当地人,他们会告诉你,昆明饭店在这座城市中扮演着重要角色。酒店成立于 1958 年,既是昆明的政治、经济和文化中心,又是其象征性的一部分。

Ask any Kunming local and they’ll tell you that Kunming Hotel plays an oversized role in the city. Founded in 1958, the hotel is as much physically in the political, economic, and cultural centre of Kunming as it is figuratively part of it.

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Being the centre of Kunming’s social scene and the site of world class hospitality means it has repeatedly hosted both Chinese and foreign leaders including Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi as well as Margaret Thatcher and the Princess of Brunei.

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Such is the prestige of Kunming Hotel that it sits across the Municipal Government, and housed the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand, as well as offices of the Bank of Thailand, and the Bank of China. 

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As an important stop on the Silk Road, and thus a gateway into the far-off ethnically diverse Yunnan province and beyond, Kunming has long held an air of mystique and mystery.

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We bring this air of wonder into the hotel by recreating elements of a traditional Yunnan lodge in a green oasis. By creating an exquisite interior, we pay tribute to the folk culture, diverse geography, and unique flora that make the region so special.

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We make guests feel closer to earth by carefully placing abundance of plants to highlight the rich earthy browns and soft whites that adorn the interior. 


Cloud inspired lighting that hang overhead hark to the clouds in the Chinese name for Yunnan, and mountain ranges grace the walls of function rooms, truly making guests feel they are nature  in itself.

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Significantly, there are five anchor elements that connect and create the whole: the south wing, the north wing, large meeting spaces, the garden with commercial space, and finally the Cloud Bridge that connects everything together.

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北楼更新后的立面借鉴了 1970 年代强水平线的起源,并配备了先进的百叶窗系统以减少能源消耗。此外,客户对 260 把钥匙的要求允许扩展到拥有现代开放式房间的北翼,包括总统套房和行政酒廊。

The North Building’s updated façade is informed by its 1970’s origins of strong horizontal lines, with an advanced system of blinds to reduce energy consumption. Further, the client request for 260 keys allows for extension to the North Wing that houses modern open rooms including the presidential suite and the executive lounge.

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以档案材料为指导,南楼的外墙经过精心修复,恢复到 1956 年的外观。屋顶休息室和、增加屋顶休息室和花园平台,加强饭店与街道的连接。

The south building’s façade is painstakingly restored to its former 1956 appearance, using archive material as guidance. Small additions are made such as rooftop lounges and street-level garden decks, to activate this building and connect it to the street. 

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Meeting space is opened up by the demolishing of 8500sqm existing building space which is to be reconstructed into modern, luxurious, and practical meeting space, allowing for events and public programs required by brands.

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The existing park is redesigned to allow for valuable underground commercial space with great natural lighting and a garden conservatory on top, thus further inviting the public to engage with the hotel.

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在昆明饭店,万物互联, 新旧交替,昔日辉煌预示着光明的未来。

In Kunming Hotel we see connection everywhere; old with the new, past glories that inform a bright future, and people with place.

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The Cloud Bridge started as a purely functional element to ensure connectivity between north and south wings, but evolved to become a centrepiece that connects the city with province, symbolizes past and future together, and inspires people and place. 

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云桥跨越了不同的时代、文化、人,以其微妙、空灵的气息,让我们离 “彩云之南” 云南的神秘和故事越来越近。

The Cloud Bridge spans over different times, different cultures, and different people, and with its subtle, ethereal aura, it brings us ever closer to the mysteries and stories that lay in Yunnan, the place “south of the clouds”.  

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