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The landform of "eight mountains, half water and half field" and the warm climate make Fuyang very suitable for tea growth. Local tea has a long history of more than 2000 years.

▼品茶四境Four realms of tea

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▼落位分析 Analysis chart



This project takes the local tea cultural background as the starting point, extracts the four environments of tea appreciation as the theme, and awakens the participants' memory of the urban cultural charm through the four spaces of "watching tea - making tea - reflecting tea - tasting tea" at one time, so as to experience the multiple feelings brought by different spatial characteristic landscapes like tasting tea ceremony.

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The entrance area is dominated by hidden luxury. As the first image of the project and the first facade connected with the city, it has the space conversion function of city and nature, noise and tranquility.With black as the base and gold lines, it is exquisite in the atmosphere, attracts the attention of visitors, and creates the image and dignity of the ceremony entrance.

▼入口门廊 Entrance porch

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After entering the porch, the entrance facing wall is extracted with tea elements. The grid facade monomer adopts the style of tea leaves, which are staggered and spliced to form a standard section, and then the standard sections are arranged and combined to form a whole scene wall.

▼融入茶叶元素的景墙 Landscape wall with tea elements

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Different from the relationship between the exhibition industry and the municipal government, in the front stage, we hope to create a customer feeling with more texture and experience. Inspired by tea making at the beginning of the design, we use plants to make tea in the cup and water to make tea in the cup. We hope to express the tea culture from a small perspective.

▼入口水景 Entrance water feature

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The tree is the high point of the whole site. There is a platform near the tree and water under the platform. Compared with the thick wall next to it, the hanging platform and water seem to break out and pour down, and finally converge into Yunmeng daze.
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When the wind blows, the microwave rippling and the clouds swirling, different scenery set off each other.

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The atmospheric circular still water mask has a strong sense of substitution; The mirror water reflects the building, the sky light shares the cloud shadow, the virtual reality and the reflection form a pair. Watching the water, the moon, the heart and the heaven and earth, the dawn or the sunset is no longer the eternal witness of space. This waterscape is the derivative environment of infinite phenomena. Trees look at people, people look at the water, water looks at the sky, the sky looks at the distance, and there are numerous images in the distance.

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The road under our feet is hidden in the green, avant-garde, mysterious and subtle. People's curiosity and imagination about the unknown are infinitely amplified. Walking, standing, overlooking, decomposing and reconstructing here, spaces continue to gather, separate and bring different experience emotions. Sky light, water waves, green, white walls, dialogue with nature and the future.

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Through the extraction of tea elements, the grid facade monomer adopts the style of tea leaves, which is staggered and spliced to form a standard section, and then the standard sections are arranged and combined to form a whole landscape wall.

▼入口对景墙 Entrance facing wall

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When designing the arc waterscape of the atrium, the design team conducted repeated experiments from the aspects of stone texture, hardness, splicing size and placement angle to ensure the sense of hierarchy of falling water.

▼中庭弧形水景墙 Atrium arc waterscape wall

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In time, you can feel the charm of tea language, taste tea under the forest, make friends, or read or walk, gurgling water, and compose tea language movements. There is always someone worth stopping. It is scholarly, tea meaning, beauty and love. It is a vacation style physical and mental rest.











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