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项目名称 | 大连世博中心

Project | Dalian World Expo Center

重要性 | NDA在中国建成的第一个项目

Importance | NDA’s first built project in China

项目目标 | 打造引领大连发展的先锋城市地标

Project Aim | Create a pioneering city icon catalysing Dalian’s growth

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NDA and Dalian City together dared to dream of a landmark that not only catalysed growth of the city, but also lit a beacon signalling to the world that sustainable development is the future.  


Gigantic, light, and bright the NDA designed Dalian World Expo Center is exactly what China needed at the right place at the right time. Completed in 2005 when the world was still getting to know China, this future super economy was opening its doors and promoting a marriage of economic growth and environmentalism. 


So forward thinking was the idea of the Dalian World Expo Centre that in 2001 we won the International Design Competition Prize with the bold proposal of creating a landmark which channels our core values of sustainability and innovation. 


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Catalysing Green Development


当我们在构思项目时,首先思考的是建筑设计对城市、人和区域的影响。 大连世博中心会成为大连市新商业中心发展的标杆,以可持续发展的观念为指导,我们采用了地下水热泵技术,这在当时的中国是前所未有的。

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When we conceptualise projects we always consider the impacts our design has on city, people and place. With sustainable development in mind and knowing the Centre would set the standard for how Dalian’s new CBD would develop, we implemented a groundwater heat pump, the use of which was unprecedented in China at the time.

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Though we had been using similar sustainable tech in our Lyon office since 1992, the idea of it was quite radical to the wider world back in 2001. The effects were immediate, with a massive 30% reduction in energy usage, a huge leap in operational efficiency.

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It is this strategic level decision making that sets NDA apart, and that singular decision to use sustainable tech has brought long term benefits to Dalian including giving corporates like Dalian BingShan Group new business opportunities to use that technology. It has also contributed to Dalian’s reputation as one of China’s greenest cities - this sustainable facet of the city is so well known that it is mentioned in Pullitzer Prize winning journalist Thomas Friedman's best selling book "The World Is Flat".


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With the starting concept of a ‘Bejewelled Light box’, we intertwined a sleek modern geometric design with a Chinese architectural play on light where the design adapts to the light and time.

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During the day this huge glass house with its sheer glass façade symbolises transparency in growth and business.

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At night the Centre takes on a new dimension out a mix of reds representing prosperity, and soft blue-greens echoing the sea that this city was built on. 


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Summer Davos Summit

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(Picture from Xinhua news)


The Summer Davos focuses on the ‘New Champions’ where rising economies and companies engage with each other, and Dalian hosts it every other year.

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(Picture from sino.com)

而2009的夏季达沃斯就在大连世博中心举行。在论坛中,来自世界各地的 1300 位政界名流和商界领袖就可持续发展趋势和绿色经济,改善全球数十亿人的生活进行探讨。大连世博中心,作为大连的新秀,为夏季达沃斯论坛贡献了自己的力量。

The 2009 summit saw 1300 policy-makers and business leaders from around the world hold discussions on sustainability trends and green economics to make life better for billions of people across the world. 

Perfect then, that the Summer Davos 2009 was held at Dalian World Expo Centre, the New Champion of Dalian. 

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