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Sculptform 多功能展厅
Sculptform Showroom, Melbourne


跳出固有设计框架的空间能够带来令人惊奇的体验。伍兹贝格新作 Sculptform 多功能展厅模糊了零售空间与装置艺术的界限,交付了一个办公、活动、展陈一体化的出色空间。品牌的创新设计、本土制造及匠心工艺,以及其所坚持的专业性、对设计的热情和定制化理念在这里被完美地呈现。

Blurring the line between retail space and installation, this brilliant ‘working showroom’ shows how working within an existing building envelope can produce showstopping results when thinking outside the box. Design, local manufacturing and quality craftsmanship come together in a testament to Sculptform’s expertise, design passion and bespoke philosophy.

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Sculptform 是澳大利亚一家知名的建筑材料公司,专注于功能板条与包层系统,其工厂位于维多利亚州 Bendigo,距离本案所在地两小时车程。为了打破公司和墨尔本设计界的“断联”状态,客户委托伍兹贝格在墨尔本市中心构建一个标志性展厅,以加强和各行业社群、制造商、建筑师以及设计师们的联结,让这里成为凝聚多元客户与合作伙伴的创意枢纽和社交场域,同时为这里的16名员工提供日常办公场所。

Sculptform is a bespoke cladding manufacturer whose factory is in Bendigo (two hours from the showroom in Melbourne). Sculptform sought to establish a signature showroom in central Melbourne to strengthen connection with the architectural and design community - to be physically closer to industry groups, other manufacturers, and architect clients, and to establish itself as a hub for industry activity and events. The space would also serve as the daily workplace for up to 16 people.

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Intent on using Sculptform’s name for inspiration, Woods Bagot was challenged to explore a concept that was both immersive and sculptural. The aspiration was to co-create, test details and really push the limits of the materials and the makers to craft something truly extraordinary. The exploration was to re-evaluate the singularity of the accepted workplace and showroom model to be more of a manifestation of the brand and to embody the passion and expertise of Sculptform’s business and their people.

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本案整体设计具有很强的通透性,由面向街道的界面望向展厅内部,巨大的雕塑木制天花清晰可见,令人惊叹,当访客亲身踏入展厅就会感受到如雕塑般矗立的空间所带来的震撼。精心设计的闭环空间体验从建筑延申到室内,包括社交空间、活动礼堂、数字画廊、会议及工作空间,使得访客能够全方位领略 Sculptform 独特的产品、服务以及工艺流程。位于空间核心位置的工艺车间 Co-Lab 既是工作坊,也是创意孵化器,开敞的空间布局加强了工作坊和展厅内部其他区域的视觉联系。

Much of the scheme is on show from the street, with views into the space crowned by a magnificent, sculptural timber ceiling. On being awed by its beauty, one of the next things visitors will appreciate is the journey the sculptural and spatial formation takes us on. It’s a physical loop around the business and its processes - taking in the social space and events auditorium, a digital gallery, meeting rooms and workstation. At the heart of it all is the Co-Lab, a workshop and creativity incubator with broad sweeping visual engagement to the rest of the studio.

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被业界誉为建筑美学大使的 Sculptform,也是积极助力设计落地的优质合作伙伴,将创造性的设计概念转化为有形的建筑解决方案是他们的优势所在,而这也在此次的展厅设计中着重展示了出来。

Ambassadors for beautiful architecture, and passionate collaborators in the design process, Sculptform’s business is based on turning creative concepts into tangible architectural solutions – no more so than for their own showroom.

在工厂所在地 Bendigo 之外建立这样一个办公+展陈空间对 Sculptform 来说是一次全新的探索,其总经理 Jeremy Napier 表示,这是符合公司未来发展方向的尝试。“作为一个创造性企业,我们目前的品牌形象和产品系列早已超越了原来木材制造的范畴。因此我们需要和各行业社群、制造商、建筑师和设计师们加强联系,而选择在这一群体活跃的市中心创造这样一个实体创意枢纽就格外重要。”

With its entire manufacturing facility in Bendigo, Victoria, putting the business on display in the central Melbourne studio showroom was a new venture which managing director Jeremy Napier describes as a logical next step. “We’re a creative enterprise building a reputation and a product range beyond our timber origins. It makes sense to be physically closer to industry groups, other manufacturers, and architectural collaborators, many of whom have a presence in or close to the city.” said Napier.

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Napier 和其团队已将该展厅作为一个活动场所开放,举办过“墨尔本设计周”等行业活动,与不同行业团体和活跃的设计师群体实现互动和交流。“露天剧场式的设计为无论来自公司内部还是外部的创意性工作提供了一个绝佳场所。” Napier 补充说。
Napier and his team have opened the showroom as an event space to engage with diverse industry sectors and an active design community through events such as Melbourne Design Week. “The amphitheatre arrangement is where ideas cross-pollinate from within and beyond our studio,” he said.

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伍兹贝格合伙人、项目设计总监 Bruno Mendes 对一家创意公司需要怎样的空间来展示其核心价值观了如指掌。“企业展厅就像是整个企业的风格指南,反映出他们对创意的定义和他们在设计行业中的定位。” Mendes 分享道,“虽然伍兹贝格和 Sculptform 的企业性质和规模均有所不同,但我们分享着共同的文化:通过合作和共创,实现与城市的互动。”
Woods Bagot principal and design leader Bruno Mendes understands the need for a creative firm’s home to speak volumes about its values. “A showroom is like a style guide to an entire business, reflecting what defines them as creatives and what they’re known for in the design industry,” said Mendes. “While the nature and scale of our businesses are different, Woods Bagot and Sculptform share an intent for a culture that's about collaboration and co-creation and engaged with the city.”

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在 Mendes 看来,Sculptform 展厅设计是对好奇心的致敬。他表示:“通过引人入胜的旅程呈现 Sculptform 独特的设计过程,让产品和过程成为主角,使到访的潜在客户及合作伙伴能够直观地感受品牌独特的产品和服务,促进多元互动,这是在线服务所无法提供的趣味体验。
Mendes calls the design concept for the Sculptform showroom an homage to curiosity.  “In celebrating the Sculptform process, the journey is designed to be an intriguing and engaging one,” said Mendes. “The products and the process are the heroes, and what visitors will experience is a physical connection to Sculptform’s work - something that can’t be found online.”

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项目名称:Sculptform 多功能展厅
Bruno Mendes, Sue Fenton, Krisi Patras, David Ley 
摄影师:Peter Bennetts
Project Name: Sculptform Showroom
Client: Sculptform
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Key Team Members: 
Bruno Mendes, Sue Fenton, Krisi Patras, David Ley 
Service: Architecture, Interior Design
Completion Date: 2020
Photographer: Peter Bennetts

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