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About the Design of Crystal Orange Hotel

Upon invitation of H World Group, I participated in the spatial design for the brand upgrading of Crystal Orange Hotel.

Located along West Lake on Nanshan Road, the case is one of the first shops of Crystal Orange Hotel and is thus of great significance to the brand. Having lived in this city for two decades and as a frequent visitor of Nanshan Road, I have many memories and profound feeling for the street and the city and feel it my honor to participate in the design of the hotel.

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The process of the design was prolonged due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but I learned a lot through trails and tribulations. H World Group hopes to expand Crystal Orange nationwide as a medium and high-grade brand in its strategic layout. Our task is to design a shop of Crystal Orange Hotel that can be copied nationwide. Thus, design is more like a systematic R&D. Duibrand, the company that is responsible for the brand strategy and plane visual upgrading, has been our long-standing partner. Brand upgrading is a closed loop of products formed based on the new strategy where collision of ideas is more frequent and more integral.

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To ensure a good spatial design, we have to keep learning. Each good client brings new challenges. We have the experience of designing many monomer hotels, such as Muh Shoou Xixi Hotel, Wuzhen Tanxi Lane Hotel, Shanshuitan Homestay, Zuoyouke Hotel and Wadangwashe Hotel with various types of property conditions. Our designs have been well recognized. However, design of large-scale chained hotel remains a big challenge for us. Fortunately, our client is professional and the supplier system of H World Group plays a key supportive role in the implementation of the project. I believe an outstanding operating system is the core of an outstanding client.

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What is Crystal Orange? How to solve the paradox between the uniqueness and replicability of a chained hotel? How to create a perceivable sense of high quality? These are the three questions I kept asking myself during the whole process of design.

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Back to sincerity

The premise for the design of a chained hotel is to ensure a faster chained operation of the hotel. We should always keep in mind that the design shall be consistent in standard, practical in use, controllable in cost and durable in materials. We have to face these problems with sincerity and refrain from piling up the design elements. We should make a comprehensive, reasonable and systematic consideration and inference of the brand image and then figure out what are the exclusive spatial features of Crystal Orange. In this way, the design will naturally present itself.

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Solving Problems

Design is about solving problems. The process of spatial design and implementation is full of a series of challenges to designer’s ability of solving problems. How to ensure seamless connection of the new and old buildings, how to combine the complicate new and old generatrices, how to keep hotel operating during the construction and how to introduce front desk, reception, lounge, pub and breakfast functions into the small public area? All these are real problems that need to be solved. Once these problems are solved one by one, a comfortable space will be created naturally. For example, for the public area of the hotel that preserves three different interior architectural styles of different periods, we introduce the design concept of street and use wooden pattern fireproof materials to unify the otherwise chaotic environment. The function of window on the interior elevation is preserved through structural change. The variant design of canopy is well integrated with the surrounding dwellings along West Lake. The public area is decorated with starry lights strewn at random to create the sense of ritual.

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Focusing on details

The design of the guest rooms is about weighing numerous details. Crystal Orange Hotel is oriented to frequent high and medium-end business travellers, with staffs of big factories as the core customer base. Therefore, we have to study their preference for accommodation in the design strategy. However, the result of analysis is that their demands for the hotel are exactly the same as that of ours. Thus, the design standard is relatively clear. We hoped to cater to customers based on our own needs in the design. We efficiently meet the basic needs of the travellers, and ensure that the design of each basic functional unit is reasonable and exact. More arcs are introduced to create the sense of comfort embrace. Wooden and crystal materials are used to boost the pleasant feeling of the space. Based on these considerations, we treat details of each links, including structure, chamfering and sense of touch, with great care. Customers can feel the details even if they cannot realize or express them clearly.

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From my many years’ working experience, I’ve realized that there is no easy way in design, but to keep refining and improving details. Here, I’d like to extend my special thanks to the design management team and suppliers of Crystal Orange Hotel for their patience towards us as we keep modifying and improving these details.

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The design of Crystal Orange Hotel is a moderate expression of coziness. We hope that the guests will revisit it frequently for its coziness and enjoy the evening glow of the West Lake. The sky over the West Lake is beautiful and the water is crystal clear, so is Crystal Orange.

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设计单位:Bob Chen Design Office










Project Information

Project Schedule: 2022.4

Project Area:  About 6000 square meters 

Project Address: Hangzhou China

Project Client: H World Group Limited

Design Unit: Bob Chen Design Office

Chief Designer: Bob Chen

Project Management: Hu Bing

Interior Design: Wu Hongwei,Lin Dan,Chen Jie,

Wang Chao,Li Xiang,Rao Yunliang,Pan Siyu,

Wang Chi,Chen Yue,Wang Yanbing,Gu Weilai,

Sun Xiaowei,Chen Rui,Zhang Zihao,Shi Jiehe,Yu Min

Furniture Design: Shen YunluanRu Yan

Visual Design:Liu Jianyong

Brand Design:Duibrand

Photographer: Wen Studio

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