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无锡规划“一城两核三片六组团”,以主城双核心为基础,本案位于滨湖区雪浪板块,毗邻经开区城市价值高地,共享其繁华商配,受发展辐射利好;地块5分钟内可达无锡大型商圈,周边城市路网环伺地块位于 “太湖湾科创带”范围内,是无锡实施创新驱动核心战略的“头号工程”和“最强引擎”。

Wuxi plans "One city, two cores, three areas and six clusters", based on the dual core of the main city. The project is located in Xuelang Plate of Binhu District, adjacent to the urban value highland of the economic development District, sharing its bustling business distribution and benefiting from development radiation. The plot is within 5 minutes of Wuxi's large business district, and the surrounding urban road network is located in the "Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt". It is the "No.1 project" and the "strongest engine" for Wuxi to implement the core innovation-driven strategy.

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As one of the "nine series" of high-end residential products of CITIC Pacific Real Estate, the overall architectural style of Jiuzhu project is futuristic modern style. The facade of the club is made of aluminum plate combined with a large area of glass elements. The pool surface is like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds and the architecture, integrating the architecture with the landscape, highlighting the visual effect of light and transparent architecture, making the whole building facade more transparent and contemporary, presenting a sense of style of urban new rich.

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When you step into the lobby of the club, you can feel the thick texture brought by the black gold material. The overall structure integrates the Oriental philosophy of round sky and round place, showcasing the grand world view of the designer. Adhering to the design concept of "beauty" and "quality", the black and white marble mirror each other, giving the space a vast visual feast, and using the connection of light and shadow to visualize the natural aurora beauty. Continue to build the brand "fine" and "special" development concept, the humanity, nature, aesthetics, quality reflect the Oriental Manhattan exquisite luxury.

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In the design of the spiral staircase, the use of long lines and fluids shows a kind of "order" and "lyricism". Break the shackles of traditional design, the future life of science and technology efficiency, simple atmosphere and other characteristics of expression, interwoven a luxurious, elegant mood.

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The sand table area is the core area of the design. The crystal lamp at the top continues to extend in the form of double rotation, and the top surface and the water surface down are in the golden glow of Dundar effect. The moving line light of the ceiling flows like time and extends to the whole exhibition hall, through the negotiation area and the water bar, and enhances the sense of future technology of the space combined with the LED screen on the wall.

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Buildings that have movement, speed, a sense of rising against gravity, incline, asymmetry, and nonlinearity tend to have a sense of the future. It can also be said that this kind of aesthetic is modern aesthetic, because from the level of human science and technology development, in the real future, maybe the architecture itself is in motion.


The children's area also continues the design concept of modern scientific and technological products. The designer draws on the movie inspiration from the animated "Up House" and combines the decorative home of fashion play, books, picture books and hot air balloons from the perspective of children. The comfortable and soft leather cushion is used to escort the children's dream-seeking tour.

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The design of the leisure area is inspired by the canyon scenery, the use of zigzag lines to change the space, the flow of the wall as a visual introduction and management of light to let visitors enter the "canyon". 

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The curve elements are extracted from the canyon, and the tunnel of light and shadow is integrated into the canyon space to create the immersive experience of the canyon and immerse in a wonderful natural scenery.

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Not the official can not get together, not everyone can not into a banquet.Explore the quiet corners of the bustling city and find alliances among the bustling crowds.The exclusive private banquet hall of Jiuzhu Club is the future summit of customized urban life, which is luxurious and highly private. It provides the fastest social space for the owners, provides the banquet hall at the door of the city's elite, and creates the high-end integrated business and entertainment.

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Along the black and gold luxury spiral staircase all the way down, an open space unfolds slowly. From the ground to the wall, luxury and elegant decoration, high-end hotel luxury configuration of three-piece heated swimming pool, yoga room, gym, sunken courtyard, etc., come into view one by one, allowing people to experience the softness and softness of the body in the landscape image.

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Floor Plane

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项目名称:中信泰富 · 玖著售楼处
硬装设计:SWS Group
软装设计:SWS Group

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