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The expansion and diffusion of sweet particles triggered an aromatic burst, with randomly scattered energy blocks becoming the fundamental units of the STAR Bakery Universe, thus giving birth to the STAR_VERSE. SLT integrates game storytelling into spatial design, creating a sweet and dreamy Voxel Paradise for the brand, a distinctive new community landmark, and a relaxing home to players.


External view of the store


The overworld of STAR_VERSE is set along Fenghuang Street in Suzhou, which harmoniously combines elements of traditional Chinese architecture with a modern commercial ambiance. It lights up the corner of the old street with open layout, bright visual information and interesting space.


The facade presents pixelated gradients


The gray blocks represent a transition of spatial boundaries, and the pixelated gradients are a metaphor for the dynamic loading of different levels. The sweet energy pervades indoors and outdoors, and the varied combinations of stacked cubic blocks create a series of gameplay-inspired focal points for the “players” to experience the delicacy and take inspiration.


Cruise through the sweet atmosphere, trace the pixel shooting stars, and find the first landing site connecting to the STAR Bakery Universe at a crucial business district in the bustling urban hub - the STAR Time Travel Machine. A large circular piece of programming lamp film displaying dynamic images is statically encircled by linear orbits, and the layered color-filtered acrylic surfaces create a multifaceted portal to the overworld. Players can collect energy data via the display to craft their own STAR_VERSE AVATAR, embarking on an immersive and engaging gameplay journey.


The STAR Time Travel Machine displaying dynamic images


As players transition from reality to virtuality, the space undergoes a dramatic flip, in which the Machine mirrors up into the energy wheel of the STAR Bakery Universe, and the star track pointer provides navigation for the subsequent coordinate routes. All players at the spawn point can preview quests and scene clips of the overworld with the viewing mirror.


The energy wheel of the STAR Bakery Universe


Cubes in various sizes serve as the medium for energy release in the space, creating the elemental texture and visual signs of the STAR Bakery Universe, while also extending to more functional possibilities.

空间概览 Overview


The Sweet Core Blast Zone, or the main scene, hosts functions including product display and sample supply. The programming lamp film wrapped with dynamic visuals becomes the energy focus in the field. Three kitchen islands are discretely clustered, naturally forming multiple exploration routes , with the sweet mechanism poised for activation.


The Sweet Core Blast Zone


The Gear Zone is a soft toast-like block at the entrance. Prior to embarking on the game, players can decide on their exploration route and acquire basic gears to collect the sweet energy of different flavors scattered across the planet.


The Gear Zone at the entrance


The Cake Display Wall predominantly features a light yellow hue, with the energy transmission tube at the top generating bouncing orange experience points. The other end of the light tube is connected to a HP bar and energy bubbles for checking the day's collection.


The Cake Display Wall


With enough experience points collected, players can access the L-shaped Sweet Energy Collection Zone. Room-temperature toast cabinets, freshly baked bread cabinets, and freezers are all set up here, satisfying players' desires to collect various temperatures and aromas.


The L-shaped Sweet Energy Collection Zone


Details of the toast cabinets


Once a player's energy and experience reserves reach a certain level, they can access key strongholds in the world. They are allowed to load into instances for new rewards and gears. The New Highlights Zone carries on the mosaic-like texture in its design, accented by dimensional STAR Bakery emblems, while employing color variations to differentiate sections. It visually embodies the unity and diversity inherent to the language of pixels.


The New Highlights Zone


Dimensional brand emblems


In the Sweet Energy Loading Zone, the freezer embedded alongside the checkout counter holds rare sweet particles, where players complete the final energy collection and exchange game items with NPCs for the achievement. The soft energy particles transform into the authentic aroma of fresh bread, spreading throughout the real and the virtual space.


The Sweet Energy Loading Zone


SLT weaves the abstract visual logic of pixel games into the concrete functional zones of retail, enhancing the space's playability through real, engaging, and heartfelt experiential points. It ultimately realizes the brand’s image output and unique expression. 


The brand's image output and unique expression


The evolving game scenes and sweet aromas give rise to the 4D experience within the STAR Bakery Universe. Serving as the origin point for the development of Star Universe, this coordinate will open a new chapter in the brand's baking odyssey with emerging energy maps.

甜星STAR 旗舰店

项目地址 Address:


No.1, Fenghuang Street, Gusu District, Suzhou

建筑面积 Area:

265 m²

完成时间 Date:


摄影 Photography:

吴鉴泉 Vincent Wu

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