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The Poetic Rebirth of Zhangjiagang Donghenghe Green Corridor
Secret Green Corridor


In the ancient and young city of Zhangjiagang, the Dongheng River (Guotai Road - Baiqiao Road, north side of the river) is quietly nurturing a new green life of nature and humanity. 4 years ago, a unique meeting, so that the design blueprint of Zhangjiagang Dongheng River Green Corridor (Guotai Road to Baiqiao Road), north side of the river, in the collision of wisdom is gradually clear, as a vivid picture scrolls unfolding in front of our eyes, predicting the imminent birth of a green corridor that combines ecology and culture.





Light of Wisdom, 
Illuminating the Future


The ingenious design of the underpass corridor not only solves the problem of spatial connectivity, but also makes the exploration journey full of surprises and fun. The integration of rain garden is a reflection of ecological wisdom, which complements the natural water system to form a unique landscape. And the introduction of intelligent strategies makes this green promenade not only an upgrade of the landscape, but also a perfect fusion of science and technology with nature. Intelligent networks and self-luminous materials make every visit to the garden a technological journey of exploration.





Multiple Spaces, 
Kaleidoscope of Life


From the laughter of the Parent-Child Paradise to the vigor of the Kinetic Zone, from the quiet contemplation of the Leisure Plaza to the natural indulgence of the Rain Garden, the design of the north side of the green corridor of the East Cross River is aimed at creating an all-ages, all-weather activity space. Whether it is the laughter of children, the passion of youth, or the leisure of the elderly, all can find their own corner here.



“Jade Belt String of Pearls, Urban Green Corridor” - this design concept is not only the name of a project, it is an attitude towards life and a beautiful hope for the future of the city. Through this green corridor, we expect to connect life, culture and wisdom, so that Zhangjiagang residents can have a place where they can slow down, enjoy nature, sense life and experience culture after a busy day.




Deep Cultural Roots, 
Historical Dialogue


In Zhangjiagang, the harbor culture is like blood, flowing in every corner of the city. The design of the green corridor of Dongheng River not only carries the mission of ecology, but also pays tribute to the history and culture of the city. The restoration of the barge is not only the continuation of physical space, but also the respect and inheritance of historical traces. Every piece of pavement and every tree seems to tell a story of the past while pointing to a promising future.


The green rebirth of Zhangjiagang's Dongheng River represents a transformation of nature and culture, blending the city's heritage with a vision of the future. This green promenade embodies eco-wisdom, such as a children's playground, rain gardens and intelligent lighting, weaving a harmonious web of life, culture and technology, while restoring the barges and embedding cultural symbols to promote the emotional resonance of history and modernity. The project meets the needs of all ages through age-friendly design concepts, and is not only an ecological achievement, but also a declaration of ideal urban life, demonstrating reverence for nature, respect for culture and the pursuit of intelligent living.


(This project is designed by WEME Landscape Architects)

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