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UP is a fashion boutique store located in Shenyang. Baicai has been entrusted to design the second brick and mortar store in Shenyang of UP, in the Changbai Island of Shenyang. It’s a retail store with a front yard, and a completed façade with good privacy.


The space captures the essence of the brand name, creating an ascending energy. It’s like a gracefully light thread, not bounded by frames, gravity or choice. We intend for the elements in the space work just like a floating thread, keeping ground in the waves; searching for eternity in change.

线是织物的组成成分,与品牌、风格、 产地无关,是一种客观的存在。我们提取了线作为买手店的构成贯穿整个空间,体现品牌无时无刻在对最本质的构成元素致敬。

A thread is what makes up the fabric, separate from brand, style, or origin. A thread exists as an objective truth. We took the concept of a thread as the overarching theme through the boutique, as a symbolic homage from the brand to the most basic element of clothing.


The thread makes up the devices and functions of the space. We use stainless steel round tubes to build a comprehensive system. The overlaying and staggering tubes form platforms for various displays. In turn, they also form scattered lines with the floor and the multiple angles of light and shade.


The ethereal clothing rails bring an essence of levitation and weightlessness. The other functional needs in the space are also shown through anti-gravity means, constantly reinforcing the brand signifier of UP.

在设计中打破原始平面图的限制,通过线将不同的空间“缝”在了 一起。模糊了空间与空间之间的隔阂,用镜子拉伸了空间的维度, 用装置的手段将空间打破成为更大气场的整体。 

The design breaks the limitations of the original floor plan, using the thread to “stitch” the spaces together. The separation between spaces is weakened, mirrors used to expand the dimensions. And other devices are used to reorganize and expand the space to be wholistically larger.


We hope that the design of the UP boutique store remains timeless. However the trends go, it will remain beneath the current with its solid foundation.








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