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Blooming Seeds

儿童牙科医疗空间 Dental Clinic for Children

Sò Studio x IBQ Dental 

Sò Studio受高端口腔诊疗服务品牌爱彼齐口腔(IBQ Dental)邀请,设计其全新儿童牙科医疗空间,专注为不同年龄段儿童提供口腔医疗服务。

Sò Studio was invited to design a new space for the child clinic of IBQ Dental. Owing to the nature of IBQ Dental’s service, the design brief called for a unique clinic space, suitable for children in different age groups.

复合功能mini library,既是小型图书室,设置了供小朋友们等候的作业区、也置入coffee bar,是医护工作者的休息区、大人们的社交区域


Our Strategy begins with a thorough research of what preferences of children in different age groups may have, while also breaking up the cold and monotonous spatial experience brought by traditional medical spaces, so that an exploring and playful interior could be created for all people.



Sò Studio以“blooming seeds”为概念,结合对室内的区域划分,致力于打造一个温暖、舒适带有可爱童趣细节的空间。

The design concept is inspired by “blooming seeds”, the idea of incorporating warmth, coziness and playful details into the space, and seamlessly integrating diverse using and social functions.


#1 空间导览

spatial intro

位于空间中心的lecture hall区域

我们希望将概念里 “种子萌芽生长”的感受,在访客进入空间伊始即刻表达,因此我们对入室地面划分,形成像是“草地”延伸出来的欢迎区域,视觉上也更为活泼,带来直观的清新活力感受。

Sò Studio would like to express the ambiance of “blooming seeds” for patrons upon their entering. By dividing the floor at the entrance, we pursed the concept of a dynamic welcoming area extended from “grass” to introduce fresh and natural elements alike.

lecture hall平日里供大家休憩等待


位于空间中心的是“复合分享空间lecture hall”,这里微微下调的地面和切割的天花呼应,引入充足光线同时,模拟自然礼堂的氛围,可供平日里举办活动或小型分享会;没有讲座或分享活动时,则是供大家休憩的等待区域。动线上沿用入口处使用的流线型处理,地面和天花弧形切面的对应带来双重围合包裹感,柔和的光带和定制的软包座位,使每个人在此能够得到放松,体会到设计传递的温暖柔和感。

The “lecture hall” is situated in the center, employing slightly lowered floor and cutting ceiling, a sense of natural lighting scheme which nods to curated chapels. The central space is for small events and talks, also a waiting area for people to rest most times without lectures. The undulating treatment of the circulation, enshrouded with sections of floor and the ceiling, here bespoke circular seats with soft finishes were placed, delivering tenderness and relaxation through design.


设计师于入口处设置了“生命之树“的装置,环绕周围的座位形成了前台区域的等候区。大理石地面定制的“种子”图案则呼应“blooming seeds”主题。入口处自然流动的弧形线条,奠定整个空间的主要基调,穿插至内部的各个分区设计。

To complete the concept of “blooming seeds”, “Life Tree” installation and the floor with seed patterns were applied, surrounded by a few seats to form another waiting area in the reception. The flowing circulation was applied into each sectional area and a united focal point of the entire conceptually driven medical space.





侧边楼梯通往楼上成人牙科诊所,我们利用形成的“第三空间“,置入一个小型“图书馆”, 利用曲线划分出,这里划分了四个梯度的区域,即可以是平日里大家的社交空间,也是便于周末或节假日前来排队就诊的小朋友们沉浸式阅读、写作业。

The side stairs lead to the upstairs adult dental clinic. The narrow space was used to insert a mini library, divided by curved partition panels. Here, four gradient areas are divided, a social space for everyone on weekdays, and an immersive studying area for children when they are queuing up to see doctors on weekends or holidays. 



The periphery is enclosed in a curved shape, and the hierarchical differentiation forms a bookshelf display, which is convenient for storing books. At the same time, a coffee bar has been placed, enabling everyone to relax and have communications. The circular lighting at the ceiling simulate the natural light, of which has been combined with the lighting fixtures extending from walls to amplify the immersive atmosphere.





Additionally, CT diagnosis rooms, photography space dedicated for kids, and a reception hall for meetings were also erected in the project, an exemplary design that truly balances functionality with diverse spatial themes.








Exploring deeper, one enters the treatment area for teenager, mainly in silver and blue gray tones. To weaken the lively atmosphere outside, a "future lab" concept was conjunct with "Flying Wings". The overall glass walls serve as the storage of plastic dental boxes, a certain sense of order and futuristic vision is further emphasized by centralized lighting system, evenly distributed. In terms of logo details, we adopted the box language to connect the curved ceiling to present the numbering.





Passing through the hallway, one is welcomed to the treatment room for kids, merging elements like sunflowers and clouds to generate a natural and interesting place. The elongated venue is grouped into three diagnosis zonings by an inverted U shape. The patterns of the ceiling, floor, and bespoke furniture are all designed in cloud shapes, from the ultimate perspectives of children, allowing for better interactions with doctors.




At the end of the space, a clinic distinguished by blue and pink finishes, are specialized for children aged 8 or above. The definition of color differentiation aims to mitigate the cuteness. Bespoke curved cabinets not only facilitate the work of staff, but also defines the doctor's operating area, while responding to the linear flooring and ceilings, unifying the circular language of the entire space and reflecting a certain sense of arrangement order.


#2 医疗空间全新的尝试与探索

exploration for a new medical interior



爱彼齐口腔诊所是Sò Studio探索儿童医疗空间的全新尝试,我们希望整个空间区别于传统的医疗空间,能够更加多元、满足不同年龄段就医者的需求。同时,我们也希望能够为每一位空间使用者打造一处温暖舒适、流线自然和功能分配合理的全新空间。

IBQ Child Dental Clinic is an explorative attempt for Sò Studio to express our design apart from the traditional medical space, flexibly fits the demands for different child patients, a warm and comfortable space with undulating circulation and carefully planned functions.





项目名称:Blooming Seeds – IBQ儿童牙科医疗空间

室内设计:Sò Studio(http://sooostudio.com/)

客户:爱彼齐IBQ Dental




空间摄影:Wen Studio


Project Name: Blooming Seeds – IBQ Child Dental Clinic

Interior Design: Sò Studio(http://sooostudio.com/)

Client: IBQ Dental

Floor Area: 400sqm

Address: Building A, 398 Jiangsu Road, Shanghai

Year of Completion: 2022

Photograph: Wen Studio

Materials: terrazzo, art paint, acrylic, artificial stone, stainless steel

ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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