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15年前,上海市黄浦区政府在距离外滩仅500米之遥的场地筹建一座融合体育运动与商业办公功能的混合型地标建筑。PTW和CCDI并肩合作,完成了这座与细腻的都市肌理紧密嵌合的 “运动立方”。如今,这座建筑已建成多年,为上海都市中心区的市民健身和商业活动贡献了一处标志性的目的地,并且成为都市混合型体育设施典范之作。
On a site approximately 500 meters from the Bund, the Huangpu district government of Shanghai had plans for a mixed-use iconic structure for offices and sports 15 years prior. The "Sport Box," which is tightly linked with the fragile urban fabric, was finished by PTW and CCDI working together. The structure, which has been standing for a while now and serves as a landmark for civic fitness and commercial activity in the center of Shanghai's metropolitan area, is a prime example of an urban sports complex.

在新老交替、错综复杂的城市环境中新建大型公共建筑,无疑是对建筑师创作活动的一种挑战。建造目的在于为市民提供健康、高质的运动场所和商业娱乐空间。建筑师把整体设计主题重点放在 “尊重并发展已有的城市肌理”

It is undoubtedly a challenge for architects to create a new large-scale public building in a complex urban environment where the old and the new are alternating,and the construction purpose is to provide healthy and high-quality sports places and commercial entertainment Spaces for the citizens. The architect's overall design theme focuses on "respecting and developing the existing urban fabric".



   △ 总平面图©PTW


The architects have sensitively captured the axial relationship between the plot and its adjacent environment, clearly defining the sports and commercial areas with a spatial corridor that spans the "hidden axis" of the plot. 


The sports center is positioned on the south side of the axis, close to the elevated road, to cater to the dynamic and iconic nature of the city. By placing office buildings and commercial facilities on the north side of the axis, close to the old town, the irregular plot thus obtains a potential order, like a fresh "urban variation".

△ 建筑剖面图&概念模型©PTW

After determining the basic order of the functional zoning of the plot, the elaboration of the architectural form has become the focus of the design. The designers integrate various sports and fitness activities into the 45-meter-high cuboid, the extension of the ground floor to form a swimming space, and the roof of the pool is designed as an aerial tennis court.

Sport Box最大限度地体现透明感,与室内体育活动的认同性,并由此营造一个蕴含动感的混合体。这一概念也自然成为下一阶段表皮设计的出发点。
Sport Box maximizes the sense of transparency and identity of indoor sports activities, thus creating a dynamic hybrid. This concept naturally became the starting point for the next phase of skin design.

△ 整体全景©PTW

 △ 体育中心”运动立方“©PTW

The complex office is divided into corner office and courtyard office.

The higher corner office building is rounded in the corner position, trying to show a soft and friendly urban interface; The lower courtyard office building has a right Angle theme, and the bottom two floors are raised and the structure uses diagonal columns to create a dramatic interaction with the landscaped courtyard inside the plot.

△ 综合办公楼实景©PTW


Comparing the architectural form of the sports area and the office area, one is just and one is soft, one is steady and strong, and one is active, which silently fit with the adjacent urban space.

△ 建筑双层表皮实景©PTW

△ 三种不同建筑表皮的交汇与对比©PTW


From the perspective of urban relations, the architects set completely different building skins for the two functional areas: 

“运动立方”在自身立面之外,被包裹上一层布满黄色斑点的“双层表皮” ——也就是双层玻璃。而外部一层的玻璃表皮在夜幕下,会利用多媒体投影获得绚丽丰富的动感图案,加强了体育中心的反射感和透明感。
The "Sports box" is wrapped in a yellow speckled "double projection glass" outside its own facade, which enhances the reflection and transparency of the sports center. Under the night, the building skin uses multimedia projection to obtain a rich and dynamic pattern.

△ 概念模型©PTW

△ 概念模型©PTW

商业办公楼的立面使用两种互补的处理手法 —— 较高的街角办公楼运用金色竖向条纹为立面表皮,庭院办公楼则以银色竖向条纹为立面表皮,竖向条纹的排列均不规则,犹如跳动的音阶,为城市生活上演节奏和旋律。
The facade of the commercial office building uses two complementary treatment methods - the tall corner office building uses gold vertical stripes as the facade skin, and the courtyard office building uses silver vertical stripes as the facade skin. The vertical stripes are arranged irregularly, like a beating musical scale, staging rhythm and melody for urban life.

△ 概念模型©PTW

△ 不规则竖向条纹对比实景©PTW


The three different skin effects are interwoven and reflect each other, together with the architectural space wrapped by each other, showing a certain narrative.


△ 斜柱特写实景©PTW

1. The inclined columns in the commercial office area: 
In order to create a dramatic interaction between the commercial space and the atrium axis, the second floor of the south side of the office building is raised, and the upper six floors are supported by five sets of steel pipe columns, with four directional steel pipe diagonal columns extended. In the structural design, the stress of the two-storey roof is considered, which is thickened and reinforced.

△ 北立面方案设计图©PTW

△ 南立面方案设计图©PTW

2. Sports center prestressed girder: 
Sports center standard swimming pool span 28 meters, from the actual construction situation, although the large span steel frame can reduce the number of temporary supports, but its on-site welding process quality requirements are more strict. After comparison and selection, the final structural scheme adopted is a prestressed reinforced concrete girder with a height of 1.8m.


Basketball/badminton functional hall, squash room, tennis court, table tennis hall, climbing wall, as well as aerobics room and fitness center. The water sports area features a 50-meter competition pool, a 25-meter training pool equipped with hot and cold water pools, separate changing rooms and a cafe. 

△ 体育中心一楼平面图©PTW


Since its completion in 2007, the complex, which consists of a commercial office building and a sports facility, has been in operation. Additionally, the sports center has added several additional sports and exercise spaces. Shanghai Gold Exchange, China Power Engineering Consulting Group, and East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. have established offices here. As can be seen, the land value associated with it has been completely considered under the functional zoning rule. Huangpu Sports Center, which is "located in the prime location of the city, refined, elegant, and interesting, with persistent design principles in change," will definitely keep bringing a welcome change of pace to urban life.


△ 室内实景©PTW


方案设计|PTW Architects









Project DesignPTW Architects

Construction DesignCCDI

FunctionSports, Business Office

LocationHuangpu District, Shanghai, China 
Client Huangpu Government
Design Date2003-2005
Date of Completion2007
Covered Area34,700
Photographer Xing, Fu

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