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"We shape architecture, and then architecture shapes us."



For the modern family who chooses the villa as their residence, they hope to coexist naturally with the world, and also pursue high-quality modern spiritual life experience. The home they need is the room of beauty and the resting place of the heart. Nanning Greenland • ASEAN International City Villa came into being.

▼南宁印象 Nanning Impression

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The poets of the Ming Dynasty described the spring of Nanning as the four seasons of spring in Nanning, and modern Nanning has become an important fulcrum on the modern N-Belt and Road Initiative of the country.

▼区域图 Location

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The ASEAN International City Villa combines the natural landscape of Nanning with the special human landscape to create anartistic residence with a unique international aesthetic vision. The designer gave the project four central designconcepts: art, worldliness, taste, and society.

90㎡ 户型



See the beauty of art in ordinary life, brew the beauty of the soul. The designer in this case pays attention to artistic expression, and the design theme is: the foundation of steel for art collection. The staircase divides the two-storey villa's dynamic and static area as the center line. It can be accessed directly from the entrance to any place in the interior. The tea room is located in the courtyard, which has a very efficient house type.


▼ 一层平面图 First Floor Plan

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▼ 二层平面图 Second Floor Plan

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When first entering the living room, the high-quality blue-gray and natural wood color are perfectly blended to convey the elegance, calmness, restraint, and low-key luxury temperament from the color experience. The furniture adopts Italian brand minotti. Theleather metal main sofa and single sofa open quietly, waiting for those whoreturn.

▼客厅 Living Room

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The designer cleverly used the installation art ofbutterfly specimens on the background wall, and the entire space became lightand dreamy.

▼客厅一角 Living Room

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The metal sculpture decoration is placed on the corner of the coffee table. The thinker on the rock is calm and calm. The details reflect the owner's attitude towards life. In the limited life, he finds himself immense.

▼金属艺术雕塑 Metal Art Sculpture

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The use of a large amount of marble can have a certain effect on the adjustment and change of indoor temperature. The design of floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby and restaurant not only has sufficient natural ventilation, but also ensures indoor lighting, wide and bright.



The dining table chose a marble countertop metal dining table, crystal pendant lamps hanging high, and indigo blue mosai changing paintings, adding a lot of romance to the dining space.

▼餐厅 Dining Room

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Due to the limitation of the restaurant space, the designer changed the form of a table with four chairs into a table with two chairs and a sofa. Freeing the space from cramps, the dining environment alsobecomes relaxed. Pure white curtains, light and breeze gently wraparound the space, stand side by side with the family, and share free delicious moments elegantly with each other.

▼餐桌 Dining Table

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The brass tableware, low-foot white pottery flower pot,and the use of flower arrangement art are placed on the table to visually integrate the softness and coldness. The brass knife and fork echo the flower, a blue butterfly stands on the dinner plate, and the conflict between the rectangular and circular patterns creates a blurred visual experience. The designer notonly brought Zhuangzi's artistic mood from the living room to the restaurant, but also from the dream Into reality.

▼插花布置 Flower Arrangement

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▼延续客厅主题的餐具布置 Tableware Decorate

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Follow the stairs to the master bedroom on the second floor, which uses artistic solid wood floors and marble. The traditional elements of green pine, ancientpagoda, and plums imply the owner's cultural precipitation and aesthetic preferences. The scene of the life in the cloakroom also shows the classic and elegant style of the male and female masters.

▼主人房  Master Bedroom

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The dome-shaped chandeliers hang on the nightstand, which seems to belong to the painting in which the bright moon falls from the sky just to light up the night on earth.

▼床头灯 Bedside Lamp

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The children's room is an expression of the theme of machinery and geometry, showing the interests of boys. The bed side background is a huge car decoration painting. The mosaic of geometric color blocks and stripes also reflects the children's rich imagination.

▼儿童房 Children's Bedroom

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▼儿童书桌 Children's Desk

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After visiting the room, we can invite guests to the tea room in the courtyard for a touch of fragrant incense.

设计师将茶室的主题定位 “和敬清闲”,传达的是一种茶文化氛围,茶道不仅是一种文化,更是一种艺术。

The designer positioned the theme of the tea room as"respect for peace", conveying a tea culture atmosphere. Tea ceremony is not only a culture, but also an art.

▼茶室 Tearoom

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The tea room is highly functional, mainly for casualvisitors. The wall also uses the butterfly installation art. Using traditionaltea elements, the iron teapot is selected. It is simple and friendly, creatinga tranquil and distant mood.

▼复古茶炉 Tea Stove

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The modern tea house with oriental Zen is more in line with the spiritual demands of modern Chinese people. How to find the most beautiful balance between western and oriental culture. In this practice,quietly realize the wisdom of life.

150㎡ 户型



The design orientation of this case is: time-the shuttle time of "dance". Reflecting the concepts of fashion andlight, create a three-storey villa with a luxurious modern style in the samehall. The endlessly changing fabric patterns and simple and powerful marble connect the contrast of each living space, line, material and texture,returning to the nature of space.

▼一层平面图 First Floor Plan

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▼二层平面图 Second Floor Plan

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The entrance is amarble metal cabinet. The decorative painting expresses the pulse and rhythm of light. The floral installation on the metal surface reveals the classic temperament of time.

▼玄关 Hallway

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Entering the living room from the porch, the whole design uses a lot of red peach color between orange and brown, which makes people very comfortable, stable and lively. Decorated with gray, orange, beige and green, taking into account the traditional solemnity and modern beauty, conveying a rich, peaceful and hopeful family atmosphere.

客厅与餐厅在同一个空间 ,六人餐桌也足够让三代人一起愉快就餐。


The living room and dining room are in the same space, and a dining table for six isenough for three generations to enjoy a meal together.

▼客厅 Living Room

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The ceiling of the dining room uses two high-quality crystal chandeliers, giving the space a sense of time interlacing and dancing. The furniture adopts the B & B design brand. The main sofa is a fabric sofa, which is quiet and light, simple and generous, andthe single leather sofa easily adds a sense of space.

▼餐厅 Dining Room

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The designer chose to place a soft metal collapse on the left side of the coffee table, and the living room easily added a small corner. The family can enjoy an intimate and independent gathering space, and the fireplace will warm up the atmosphere.

▼壁炉  Fireplace

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The standard western-style dining table arrangement adds a ritual feel to dining, and warm-colored tableware choices also make food sharing time warmer.

▼餐桌布置 Table Setting

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▼餐具 Tableware

640.webp (25).jpg



The kitchen focuses on the characteristics of the hostess who loves pastry, and conveys the delicate and refreshing fireworks of modern life.


▼厨房料理台 Kitchen Counter

640.webp (26).jpg

▼厨房料理台 Kitchen Counter

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In the villa, you can take the elevator to go from the first floor to the third floor to the second-floor elderly room. Youcan see that the designer added nostalgic retro old building decoration paintings on the wall, which is more in line with the old people's emotional appeal and life mood.



The choice of bedside lights also selected stable lighting for the elderly to use, and a floor rack at the end of the bed was convenient for the elderly.

▼老人房 Elders' room 

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The children's room on the second floor is where the twins live. We fully consider the interests of the two children, and use the notes and children as elements to show the children's artistic and cultural accomplishments on the wall. The choice of furniture is bright, easy and pleasant, which is in line with the child's natural nature.

▼儿童房 Kids Room

640.webp (29).jpg



Bookshelves with animals and cute animal placements add childishness to the entire children's space. 

▼儿童床床头柜  Night Table

640.webp (30).jpg



The study is a combination of the male owner ’s interests and hobbies, creating a literary andartistic space with photography as the theme. The lens, camera, and sculpture decoration all reflect the male owner ’s obsession with photography and hislove for art. Affectionate gentleman will have space.

▼书架 Bookshelf 

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▼书桌 Desk

640.webp (32).jpg



When you come to the third floor, the large terrace with a good view attracts your attention for the first time. The terrace is surrounded by green hills on three sides.

▼ 三楼平面图 Third Floor Plan

640.webp (33).jpg



The master bedroomon the third floor is the favorite space of the hostess, highlighting the theme of love and beauty. The bedding and curtains are brightly colored, and you can feel the beauty of home as soon as you enter the door.

▼女主人房  Room Hostess

640.webp (34).jpg


The room uses thehostess's hobby painting as the theme, and the painting elements are appropriately added, and the artistic sense is spontaneous.

 ▼女主人房 Room Hostess

640.webp (35).jpg



The master bedroom has a small balcony. Designers add hanging basket plants on the balcony tocreate a relaxing atmosphere, cater to the hostess's hobby, and increase thesense of space aggregation.

▼女主人房床头设计 Night Table

640.webp (36).jpg


The cloakroom display is designed to display the items the hostess loves at anytime.


▼衣帽间 Locker Room

640.webp (37).jpg


Everyone is anartist of life. JUND hopes that the lifestyle of each individual will berespected. When we present the two families with completely different tastesand aesthetics, we also help the residents under the same roof to be differentand personal Not dense, each interpreting his own doctrine and freedom, achieving peace, beauty and happiness in the green world of Nanning.

项目信息 :






设计面积:257 ㎡



Project Information: 

Owner Name: Greenland HongKong

Location: Wuming District, Nanning City, Guangxi      

Interior Design: Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. 

Design team: McLisa Zhang,Ziliang Ye, Shandy Chen

Design team: Gary Zhu, Rebacca Wu, Jojo Huang

Building area: 257 ㎡

Completion time: January 2019



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