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我们在本次设计中有一个很明确的主旨——“集体”为先!德国公益事业首屈一指的私人捐助组织AKTION MENSCH代表了人与人之间的互敬互爱。尤其是对残障人士的支持,更是该组织的工作重点。AKTION MENSCH是一家已有五十余年历史的公益组织,其目标在于推动残障人士在社会生活方方面面的“融入”。该组织资金来源于发放公益彩票,爱心是一切行动的动力。AKTION MENSCH总部设于德国波恩。如何在日常的办公生活中体现员工的多样性,避免障碍?答案就是:“集体”。我们用“集体”的思维打造设计理念,将多样性化为一个指导思想,用环境设计的力量为人性搭建一个强大的平台。

Their mission is clear: »WE wins the day.« As Germany’s largest private charity in the social sector, Aktion Mensch is dedicated to ensuring the normal coexistence of people with and without disabilities in all walks of life. Inclusion is key for this non-profit association, which has been financed through a social lottery for over 50 years. And this now becomes evident in their own headquarters in Bonn. But how can the impressive diversity of its team be fostered in everyday working life without limits and restraints becoming tangible? –– The answer: When we translate this WE into a design concept that takes diversity as its guiding principle. Interior architecture as a strong framework for the human.

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本次设计的目标是:在3900平米的空间内打造一个“特殊即常规”的工作环境——正像AKTION MENSCH组织每月支持的无数公益项目。在这个环境中,最淳朴的人性价值要焕发生命,每一名员工在这里都要找到其应有的归属感。同时,我们作为设计者发挥自己的跨领域实力,用现代和可持续发展的设计语言诠释“融入”的概念,但又不破坏这座诞生于九十年代的办公建筑,用负责任的态度珍惜现有资源。这是一个令我们如鱼得水的创作环境——兼顾现有条件,高效利用经费。即便是装修要与办公同时进行,我们也不会因此而感到困扰,毕竟协作才是责任感的最佳体现。

Our aim: To create a dynamic work world across 3900 m² where differences are normal. Meeting the same demands as in the numerous projects that Aktion Mensch supports each month. Making innate values tangible. Creating a place where all employees feel they belong. To do this, we exploited our strengths as a multidisciplinary design studio to implement inclusion in a modern and sustainable way. While at the same time preserving the structural substance of this office building from 2003, because a responsible use of resources is just as important. –– This is how we like to work best: by taking the existing structure into account and working effectively within the given budget. And if everything must be implemented while business operations continue, no problem. Responsibility shows itself best in cooperation.

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我们在设计中对整个空间进行了重新调整,将其分割成八个办公区域。每个区域都有一个自己的中心区,每个中心区的主题各不相同。围绕各个中心区展开的办公环境与该区中心的色彩相呼应,同时也贯穿到该区的办公部门的色彩设计中。每个色彩区域都有一个自己的天花设计。大家在确定会面地点时,回答会是“艺术节”、“港口”、“运动场”、“花园”、“图书馆”甚至“集市”……。这样的形象称呼不仅简化了日常沟通,而且强化了大家的归属感。“邻居”的感觉也会油然而生。AKTION MENSCH有其自己的文化认同感,这种认同感正蕴藏于无处不在的多样性中。如果每个人都被接纳每个人便都会发光

After reorganising the total floor area into eight zones, work life is organised around a village square that forms the centre piece of each area. As central meeting places, all village squares have their own theme, from which the colour scheme for the square and the adjacent department is derived. Each colour concept is completed by an individualised ceiling. This always provides a definite answer to the question »Where shall we meet?«: at the festival, the harbour, on the sports field, in the garden, the library or at the market. This not only improves orientation, but strengthens the sense of belonging. Neighbourhoods are cultivated. At Aktion Mensch, cultural identity is created through real-life diversity. –– If nobody is excluded, then anonymity no longer has any place.

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在设计中,我们用浓烈的色彩来构建空间元素,这也是我们对人的多样性的诠释。可灵活变化的办公家具、柔和的材料质地和形态、有机而非几何的线条等等,就像每一个独一无二的个体,没有完美,只有个性。乐观的生活态度渗透在空间的各个角落,特殊即常规,身心愉悦的气氛无处不在。每个空间都在诉说自己的故事,每个环境都有自己的语言。热爱生活,热爱差异。生机、多样、变化、关注、亲和,同时又不失坚持。人人平等——这就是AKTION MENSCH

Employee diversity is illustrated in the bold colours of the room elements. Changeable furniture, soft materials and round shapes that are never perfectly round. Each of them is unique, just like the personalities who work here. A joy for life is expressed throughout. Differences are revealed, all of which appear quite normal here. A sense of well-being can be felt at all times. The space tells stories. And the work world is readable for everyone in their own language. –– Lust for life. Desire for diversity. Vibrancy. Diverse, variable, inward leaning, approachable, taking a stance. Equal rights on an equal footing. This is what distinguishes our work world for Aktion Mensch.

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