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发想|“行走”的艺术 Thoughts/ Walking” Of Art



At the beginningof the 21st century, art has entered a new era, which is, not only the era ofconsumer art, but also the era of production.

Art is"walking", it is changing. As designers, we need to explore themeaning of art for people more humblely. In a world where all artistictechniques and art forms do not exist, we should sincerely and candidly thinkabout the role of art that people yearn for and need.


自由的思考|艺术即是生活的本质Free Thoughts/Art IsThe Essence Of Life


Victor Shklovskyonce said, “Thereason why art exists is to restore people’s sense of life, to make people feelthings, and to make the stone show its texture as a stone.”When you are not able to create art, there is nothing more intoxicating thanbeing art.



The project islocated above the Hun River in Shenyang. The site is elongated and has a shorthuman action line. In the design concept, we are committed to building an artexhibition hall on the riverbank that was born from "Future Ideas of FreeThoughts", separated by different spaces to bring different artisticexperiences.



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When visitorsbecome participants, they will experience the breeding of creativity.

With the conceptof an art exhibition hall, a pure space medium is constructed, which handlesthe space requirements of light and shadow, display, conversion and residence.Different themed art exhibits are placed, the charm of life in the scene is reconstructed,and blended with art.


概念构想|展馆X秀场Concept|Exhibition Hall X Show


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行走中的未来构想|云顶河岸艺术中心Visionof the future in walking/Cloud Peak Riverside Arts Centre


The site incorporates thedeconstruction of the interactive meaning of space, the relationships of dialoguesbetween man and man, man and space, man and nature in modern life are freelyconstructed.


总平面图General floor plan

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In the deep clouds and fog, light and shadow are dancing



Stood in front ofthe exhibition hall, you will immediately be in awe of the mirage in theclouds. The magnificence that cuts through the top of the cloud, and theethereal and deep natural artistic conception, are compatible within inches ofland.


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Walking in the "wind", escape themediocrity and busyness



The wind chimesare blowing in the daytime, the sound of the wind is rustling, and the light ofwater is meandering, looks like the chasing light of catwalk, flowing out theart of life. The design simulates the natural artistic arc that flows with thewind. The artistic colonnade combines the design of the wind-driven curtainwall to form an art gallery with interlaced light and shadow. Together with theshow-style ceiling design, there is a sense of order throughout the space. Immerseyourself and feel the baptism of the spirit.


风动秀场wind-driven show

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风动幕墙设计分析Design and analysis of wind-driven curtain wall

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Walking in the "valley", listening tothe whispers of life



The crossingcorridors and the pure and elegant gray stone have both historical heavinessand artistic texture. The interlacing of light and shadow gradually blurs thepace of walking, which makes people indulge in a psychedelic and ethereal realm.


冥想橱窗Meditation show window

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Theelves dancing in the water are not only the freedom to break the shackles, butalso the silence of thought.


旋转精灵rotating elves


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Walking in the "light", stepping towardsthe vision of a new life in the future




When “health andnature symbiosis” become the common thinking of people in the epidemic era, itmeans that people look forward to communicating with the outside world, butthey are also eager to enjoy a healthy and independent high-quality life.

Introduces theartistic independence of light and water into the design, and maintains thebalance and harmony of nature.


光影森林Forest of Light and Shadow


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Looking forward toa future, which is a real art of symbiosis and harmony between nature and thecity.


城市艺廊City Art Gallery

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Walking on the "water", the undulationsof light and water blend together, which is the sense of sleepless temperature ofthe city



What were youthinking before entering the sales office gate? Is it the nostalgia for thepsychedelic and immersive atmosphere of the gallery? Or overlooking the water,meditating on the future path under the light and glimpse of the shadows? Thisis an infinite imagination about a better life in the future...

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浮光小品Meditation on floating light

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At the end of the clouds and mist, let us take abreak in the "forest"...



How long have Inot sniffed the fragrance of the green grass? Feel the breeze of the mountain windwhile listening to the birds, sitting in the woods, drinking tea and reading,experiencing the charm and leaving a blank of life.

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Ending remarks|WalkingIs The Art Of Life, The Pursuit Of Art Is To Walk



At the beginningof the project, the relationship between art and human is the meaning that wewant to express: art originates from the world of human life, and in turnadjusts the pace of life. It's not that art enriches life, but that weourselves are arts, and in "walking", art is created.









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