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△ 总体空间分析图

Overall spatial analysis diagram.



Integrate architectural spaces of different levels 

into the dynamic lines of landscape experience, and emotions

produce ups and downs in the switching of spaces.

△ 场地总体剖面图

Site section.


The roof and the sunken atrium create more spatial dimensions for the landscape.


Unity between architecture and landscape.


这次 我们用空间来叙述一次与爱有关的温情

Eternity should be the warmth that can be seen everywhere. 

This time, we use space to describe the warmth related to love...


The bridge becomes the link of connection.


The main entrance is a pure white display interface with a length of more than 40 meters. It does not have a complicated sense of form, but is still full of insight. The thin columns on both sides add the right lightness to the facade. As the beginning of the story, the pure border at the entrance symbolizes the whiteness in the memory, clean but with weight. He is not magnificent, but carries the heavy memory of his first acquaintance.


Entrance space analysis diagram.



Pure boundary is the starting point of narration,

which is clean but full of sense of weight.


The dramatic entrance transition space conveys a sense of domain, and under the cover of asymmetrical walls on both sides, you can see the surprise presentation of the building. It's like an accidental encounter, it always happens at an inadvertent corner.


Transforming space--where there is light

there is a dramatic atmosphere.



The wall compresses the line of sight

makes the appearance of the building more pleasant.


Look back.


The volumetric building in the front court is like a brilliant diamond ring. The landscape architect did not paint too much, we echoed the architectural form with the purest waterscape. The light from the facade is like the surrounding Milky Way, and the reflection of the waterscape adds a flowing beauty to the building. And the stars scattered randomly in the water interpret the tranquility of space. The atmosphere of deja vu is like the night when they promised each other.


Diamond ring-like circular building.


The light from the facade is like the surrounding Milky Way.


The random light on the water surface 

adds a sense of tranquility to the space.


The sunken atrium is the core of this space, and we hope to give it a romantic atmosphere. A water flow device connected with the cantilevered swimming pool is set in the center of the line of sight, and the device will sprinkle mottled dynamic light and shadow under the flow of wind. The floating stage, the smart steps, the revolving stairs and even the jacaranda under the stairs convey the agile romance in the space. The atmosphere of the space makes people think about the romance of dancing on the wedding dance floor.


Space analysis diagram of sunken atrium.


Curves of different dimensions increase the sense of 

hierarchy in the space and convey agile romance.


The flowing water device at the opposite scene shows

a mottled dynamic light and shadow.


The jacaranda under the spiral staircase

has become a warm memory point about the atrium, 

and people are looking forward to her blooming.


We hope that the circular atrium

can bringdifferent viewing experience under

different dimensions and perspectives.


We hope that the roof can continue the romantic sentiment, and use artistic lines to outline the texture of the flower pond to add an uncertain beauty to the hanging garden. In the garden, there are Hairawn Muhly . The pink "flower field" links the blue sky, as if it can be easily touched by raising a hand. All we have to do is run on it and enjoy the time.


Space analysis diagram of roof garden.


The hanging garden has become an important part of the entire tour line.


In order to convey the beauty of garden art,

every tiny line has been repeatedly polished.


Under the integration of space, 

the sky garden and the sunken atrium form a tacit relationship.


The garden in the sky and the children's activity space in the forest are linked by the trestle bridge in the forest. We hope that the roof garden can become the second paradise for children to play. Their smiling faces merge with the sea of flowers and become a landscape in the sky.


The children run freely in the hanging garden.


Maybe they found something.


The bubble machine in the garden can make them happy all day long.

The joy of childhood is very simple.


Maybe they are telling the garden the little secret of childhood.



Huizhou is a city full of holiday style.We create a holiday experience without leaving home through the infinite artistic swimming pool, and even the birdcage-shaped structures convey the holiday atmosphere here. We hope that this kind of emotional transmission can wipe away fatigue. Meeting each other to swim downstairs is like a vacation trip for two people, looking for a long-lost state of relaxation, and returning to the relaxation and sweetness of love.


Space analysis diagram of resort swimming pool.


The sense of vacation is pure and refreshing in sky blue.


The sense of vacation is the dappled light

and shadow under the silver date palml.


The light adds a tranquil feeling to the pool at night.


The children's space is not only the end of the story, but also the core highlight of this design. The sublimation of love finally returns to the company of the next generation. We hope that children should not only be accompanied by colorful floor mats and large children's equipment.

Accompanying should be to perceive the world with the child. You will find the sounds of nature and the smell of the earth everywhere. The best thing is to have a " tree of memory" that accompanies children to grow up. We can watch the little guy running on the top of this big tree and hope that he can grow up slowly.


Space analysis diagram of children's activity area.


The children's playground in the forest

can meet the demands of children of all ages.


A fly bridge in the sky connects different children's activity spaces in series, 

which is the link of space.


The tree house surrounded by dense forest

is the core of the children's activity space.


The " tree of memory" that can accompany

the growth of children passed through the tree house.


Different island-shaped spaces make

children’s activities surrounded by green islands.


Children's slides and crawling nets

form a link connecting the upper and lower spaces.


The existence of the bridge

makes the line of movement one more possibility.


This space belongs to the children,their figure running

on the treetops is the most beautiful scenery.

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