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"Having a child is not a disease", Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital provides more targeted professional services for obstetrics, aiming to make childbirth a safe and happy thing.

柔美的弧形建筑为医院户外提供了独立的产科花园、妇科花园、住院花园甚至下沉园林; 从入口开始产科与妇科便各具动线,互不干扰。建筑错落有致的曲线更为各层内部空间引入近身的空中花园。

The soft curved building provides independent maternity garden, gynecology garden, inpatient garden and even sunken garden for the outdoor of the hospital; from the entrance, the obstetrics and gynecology have their own lines of movement and do not interfere with each other. The well-arranged curves of the building brings the close-up sky garden into the inner space of each floor.


The inner part of the soft appearance is rational and clear movement lines and functional modules. The internal orthogonal modularization and modular design allow various medical functions to be easily replaced and developed.


Professional surgery, ICU, and NICU guarantee the safety of childbirth. At the same time, pre-delivery, delivery room, LDR delivery room, LDR-P delivery room, post-natal ward, VIP ward, etc. form a full chain of services from pre-delivery to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth.

从室内各处的时尚、温馨到立面纱网的羞涩与轻盈 ; 从代表生生不息的蒲公英彩绘到充盈阳光与月光的中心休憩大厅,无处不散发着生育美学的艺术气息,让在这里生育成为一种享受。

From the fashion and warmth of the interior to the shyness and lightness of the facade mesh; from the endless dandelion painting to the central lounge filled with sunshine and moonlight, the artistic atmosphere of fertility aesthetics is exuded everywhere, making fertility here a kind of enjoyment..

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04_Spiral staircase中庭旋转楼梯_P_Li Zhihui 李志辉.jpg


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好用的布局Easy to use layout


The total construction area of the hospital is about 96,000 square meters, the total height is about 48 meters, and 600 beds are planned and designed. The common podium and the inpatient towers on the north and south sides form a wind-free integrated hospital. Vincent Zhang ,chief architect of LEMANARC, served as the lead architect.



一至四层的裙房分别为 :F1产科拓展服务及产前教育、产后康复、急诊、新生儿急诊;F2产科楼层为产科门诊、产科VIP门诊、产房、手术、NICU;F3 妇科楼层为妇科门诊、手术、ICU及妇科VIP;F4 行政后勤支持层包括转化医学病房、中心实验室、病理、血库、图书馆、信息中心、行政办公。



The podiums on the first to fourth floors are:

F1: Obstetrics development service and prenatal education, postpartum rehabilitation, emergency department, neonatal emergency department

F2 Obstetrics Floor: Obstetrics Clinic, Obstetrics VIP Clinic, Delivery Room, Surgery, NICU

F3 Gynecology Floor: Gynecology Clinic, Surgery, ICU and Gynecology VIP.

F4 Administrative logistics support floor :Translational medicine ward, central laboratory, pathology, blood bank, library, information center, administrative office.

The north side above F5 is a six-story double-ward ward, and the south side is a two-story double-ward VIP inpatient ward.Almost all the wards in the standard ward face southeast and have a good view. The medical rooms have natural light and ventilation.

The basement floor is used as a platform for people and vehicles exchange and a logistics and service floor

09_Atrium skylight 中庭天窗_P_Huang Xiaoting 黄晓婷.jpg


06_LDR 产房_P_Li Zhihui李志辉.jpg


10_VIP Ward Rest Area VIP 病房休息区_P_Xia Qiang 夏强.jpg


12_Entrance Reception of Maternity 妇产科入口接待区_P_Xia Qiang夏强.jpg


高效的动线Efficient movement line 


First aid can go directly to the operation through the medical elevator and the operation is on the same floor as the ICU. Dedicated cleaning elevator and dirty elevator are set up in the consumer supply center and the operation area. The operation and pathology correspond up and down, which can quickly transfer biological samples.


The underground medicine base and clean goods are equipped with unloading areas, which are connected with clean goods ramps.


The medicines are delivered to the outpatient stratified pharmacy, emergency pharmacy, delivery room, operation area, NICU, ICU and ward area through the logistics system.


The clean items are delivered to all floors of pharmacies, delivery rooms, operation areas, NICU, ICU, inspection, and pathology through the logistics system.

专用的食物货运通道直达厨房仓库卸货区,营养厨房采用餐车通过食梯送达病区、ICU、员工餐厅。The dedicated food freight channel directly leads to the unloading area of the kitchen warehouse, and the nutrition kitchen is delivered to the ward, ICU, and staff canteen through the food elevator through the dining car


The quilt of the ward and the medical care area is delivered to the underground laundry room by the trolley via the dirt elevator, and the clean quilt of the laundry room is sent back to the districts through the logistics system.


The domestic waste and medical waste in the ward of each department are classified and temporarily stored, and sent to the underground domestic waste area and the medical waste area through the special sewage ladder respectively, and each is sent out through the special sewage ramp connected to the garbage unloading area.

Gynecology, obstetrics, inpatient and special needs non-interference path妇科、产科、住院与特需互不干扰的路径.jpg


节能的建筑Energy-efficient buildings


The design of the lower building height is convenient to use and also reduces the power consumption of lifting people and things.


The design of the double-floor operation department allows the operation department to open the required parts according to the needs of use to save energy.


The soil covering of the roof garden improves the thermal insulation capacity of the top of the building.


The shading and covering of the building's outer wall reduces the building heat accumulation caused by direct sunlight on the building's outer wall. The distance between the windows and the outer wall forms horizontal shading for the building, and Low-E glass reduces direct sunlight to the indoor light.


In addition to the intensive use of space, the underground setting of a large number of functional spaces also makes full use of the low-temperature environment of the soil to cool the building.


The water spray sculpture in the outdoor square garden not only brings dynamics to the environment, but also provides natural heat prevention and cooling for the surrounding area of the building.

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优美的环境Beautiful environment


The combination of light gray, white and wood colors in the interior releases a modern and warm feeling.


From the toilet to the nurse's station and the central hall, the soft circles and arcs constantly metaphor the beauty of gestation and life.


The soft and light façade, the imaginary dandelion painting, and the green sky garden all make the building closer to the dream.


What you  will feel here is not another cold treatment machine or another hospital, but the warm service, interesting space and artistic atmosphere.


This is a place for future medical experience. Focus on making fertility a happy and beautiful thing.

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site plan 总平面图.jpg▲总平面图





section 剖面图.jpg


elevation 立面图.jpg▲立面图

主创建筑师:张万桑 Vincent Zhang

医疗功能规划、医疗流程设计:张万桑 Vincent Zhang, Daniel Pauli

其他设计团队成员:夏金灵,董卫彬,Cristiano Sardinha ,Casiana Kennedey

摄影:张万桑 Vincent Zhang,夏强,李志辉,黄晓婷

Chair architect:Vincent Zhang

Medical function planning ,medical process design: Vincent Zhang ,Daniel Pauli

Other team members : Xia Jinling ,Dong Weibin, Cristiano Sardinha

Casiana Kennedey

Photographer :Vincent Zhang,Xia Qiang,Li Zhihui,Huang Xiaoting






China Class A Cooperative Institute: Xiamen Branch of Linchan Industry Planning and Design Institute

Interior Construction drawing:Shanghai Kang Ye Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Landscape design:Shenzhen Maiqiu Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd.

Curtain wall construction drawing:Xiamen Branch of Linchan Industry Planning and Design Institute

General contractor:Fujian Wujian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

项目地点 :中国福建厦门市湖里区金山中路501号

占地面积: 23,443m²

建筑面积: 96,000m²

床位数 : 600床







Project location :No.501 Jinshan Middle Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Site area:23,443m²

Construction Surface: 96,000m² 

No. of beds : 600

Client: Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital Co., Ltd.

Investment: RMB 0.56 billion

Project status: Opening and trial operation on September 10, 2021

Design time:2018-2020

Completion time :2021

Work content: Master planning, medical function planning, medical process design, architectural schematic design, interior schematic design.

Keywords : Xiamen ,Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Enterprise Investment Medical Care, Childbirth, Childbirth Aesthetics, Childbirth is not a disease

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