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Build home houses, and the landscape is the top choice! As the essence of heaven and earth, the forest is magnificent. There needn't be an actual place named Apricot altar, the same as the fisherman. Many students read at the Zezhong high site; the reading voices always exist whether it's cold or warm in summer.

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Jinmao Changsha International City lies in a valley surrounded by mountains, with a lake and a river on its side. There is fresh air and green everywhere, the lake water rippling. This place inherits thousands of years of educating tradition, introducing famous schools to compete with each other. The developer pays attention to the whole age education for the future. Jinmao Changsha International City is a modern life base combining nature with culture.

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Jinmao Changsha International City is the first project of Changsha Dongshan Bay International New Town. This project breaks away from the mold of the traditional residential community and finds its way, opening up a park-like sharing community with slow life for people living in the concrete jungle. Muzi Pond Park, with mountains and water around, connects the living community and the urban environment, slowing down the pace of time here.
 整体规划灵感 —— 自然/平衡/根植于场地特色的空间形态 

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Muzi Pond Park is a crucial part of the international city project. Covering an area of 59,000 m2, Muzi Pond Park is an independent plot on the west side of the international city. Also, it will function mainly as a community activity center in the future.

 建筑形态灵感 —— 小荷才露尖尖角,早有蜻蜓立上头 

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The main body of the park is the huge pond, wave sparkling and cloud shadow floating in the water, and flowers cluster on the shore. The community activity center and supporting buildings “grow up” in such an ideal natural environment.

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To feel and respect life is the origin and basis of architectural creation. Life is inseparable from material needs. We need a healthy and ecological environment, leisure space, activity space for the elderly and children, and convenient and thoughtful management services.

 建筑形态策略 —— 平面设计逻辑 


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After careful consideration, the architects combined the park and the residential community and decided to set up four small buildings with different forms to carry corresponding functions.


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Spacecraft-shaped Building A is planned to be used as a reading space, full of knowledge treasure. Building B with extended arms can be considered as a sports and fitness space, and rectangle-shaped Building C is the supporting service room. These three buildings lie on the park's northeast side, opposite the community's west entrance. Together, they form the Life Aesthetics Hall, connected by a colorful corridor bridge. The supporting building is located in the southwest corner of the park.
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From the Life Aesthetics Hall, more landscape nodes and activity spaces pop out along the bank of Muzi Pond. Muzi Pond is a very high-quality natural ecological resource, a precious green ecological field, and a rare resource for healthy living.

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There is a "Meow Park" for children in the quiet and pleasant park. Under the curvy overhead corridor, there lies the colorful outdoor playground. Large and small "pine cones," cute slides, a root of "sugar gourd," and pure white sand are all children's favorites. Children's voices are ringing, full of vitality and laughter.

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Building A, the core building of the Life Aesthetics Hall, is the intersection of two visual corridors of landscape axes. It is the focus of sight for both future owners and visitors.
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When the guests drop off, they will enter the corridor from the south entrance, and their sight will reach the Time Gate of Build A. The time-space track is rhythmical with layer upon layer. You may inadvertently traverse one thousand years to face the modern world from the ancient world.
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The design inspiration of building A is from spacecraft, representing the mysterious power of outer space and the good wishes of humankind to rush out of the earth, which fits the local spirit of high-tech industrial parks. The architectural inspiration comes from the combination of Changsha's local culture and modern urban civilization, and also considers people's expectations for future life and adds the concept of "ahead."

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The plan of the building is elliptical, with another non-concentric small oval inserts pulled vertically in three dimensions. Then the designers did subtraction and cut the inner ring. It formed the atrium, half hidden and half exposed, between the two plates of different elevations.

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The landscape architecture form of Building A cleverly eliminates the 7-8 meters height difference between the park and the surrounding roads, reducing the amount of earthwork and protecting the environment. Besides, it also saves energy effectively because part of it is underground and integrates with the outside world, bringing the space interesting.

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When guests want to enter Building A, they must enter the Time Gate through the outer corridor first and then take the lift to the entrance. Unlike the usual entrance progress from the bottom to the upper levels, it is the opposite here, from up to down, bringing a sense of accident.

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The Time Gate evolves from the entrance of Yuelu Academy, which is well-known at domestic and abroad, is the finishing touch of the project. The Time Gate, opening through the tunnel of time and space, represents the spirit of exploration, the future world, and the learning spirit that attaches importance to education. Because of inheritance, today, with the help of the ocean of knowledge, we can create a better future space.

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The main functions of Building A for the whole project are the community library and book cafe, which is a reflection of Yuelu Academy culture and also reflects the profound educational origins of the local block. In the moment of perplexity during the study, in the afternoon of a leisure day, you can come here, order a cup of bitter coffee, and choose a position to read beside the clear arc-shaped floor-to-ceiling window.

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Perhaps the sun is shining outside the window, or the rain suddenly falls, and the wind blows. You don't have to entwine in the heart. You can study hard or meditate here as if the outside world had been at rest at the moment. And in the next moment, but with the harvest, you can quickly return to the world of mortals.

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With the development of society, the construction of urban renewal and reconstruction is no longer only to provide living space. In the cloud era, community construction should pay the most attention to promoting living quality and exploring life mode.

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Jinmao Changsha International City, with the concept of sharing as the standard of community construction, focuses on shaping the overall environment. The parks built before the community and the high-energy urban roads built around it are the reality of the shared community and good practice of a livable ecological community. It presents a high-standard community form that integrates the whole area and an inevitable trend of community development in the future.

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项目名称:金茂长沙国际社区 生活美学馆
项目地点:湖南省 长沙市
占地面积:126246.45 ㎡
总建筑面积:415136.01 ㎡

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