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Recently, Merit Interactive Headquarters, designed by LYCS Architecture architecture, interior, and exhibition  integration design, officially opened.


Merit Interactive Headquarters is located in the eastern part of the West City Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in Hangzhou. It has a construction area of approximately 87,000 square meters and includes functional configurations such as research and development, office, conference, exhibition hall, leisure, and entertainment.  It can accommodate up to 5,000 people working and living simultaneously.


The architectural structure rises high, resembling a giant whale jumping out of the ocean. The design ingeniously employs a three-dimensional landscape at its base, guiding the observer's gaze upward, while its flowing curves infuse the space with a sense of joy and vitality. This thoughtful design elevates the structure's aesthetic appeal enriches the spatial experience, engendering an uplifting and inspiring environment.


The Giant Whale Leaped Out of Ocean

Merit Interactive is a professional data intelligence service provider that is the first to list on the A-share market in China. It provides a wealth of data intelligence products, services, and solutions for customers in various industries, such as Internet operation, user growth, brand marketing, digital intelligence traffic, and government entities.

基于业主的业务类型和企业 logo“鲸鱼”,设计团队提出了“巨鲸出水”的设计概念:三座塔楼鼎立于场地东侧、西北侧和西南侧,形成包裹性的整体布局。

Based on the business type of the client and the corporate logo "Whale," the design team proposed the design concept of "The Giant Whale Leaped Out of Ocean": three towers stand on the east, northwest, and southwest sides of the site, forming a wraparound overall layout.


The oversized podium lifts and connects three relatively independent architectural volumes, crafting an indoor continuum accommodating a versatile array of office settings. This innovative design enables a fluid and adaptable working environment conducive to collaboration among teams of varying sizes and compositions.


The podium's roof provides a continuous and rich activity space for social, entertainment, sports, and other lifestyles. The main building is like a tangible corporate totem, continuously positively impacting the company culture and showcasing an open, innovative, and vibrant corporate identity while enhancing employees' sense of belonging.


The Giant Whale Wages Tail


The building's volumes strive for simplicity, with slight changes in the tower's plan to visually reduce the oppressive feeling of the building's volume. Each tower responds with a trend of high on the left and low on the right, fostering a visual synergy between the structures and introducing a refreshing diversity to the city's skyline.


The design of the building's facade breaks away from the traditional horizontal composition and features dynamic diagonal elements throughout. The curtain wall comprises a light gray metal aluminum plate, a Chinese character "个" (Ge) pattern ventilator, and ladder angle double-layer Low-E insulating glass. The trapezoidal transparent floor-to-ceiling window and rectangular metal plate are staggered in sequence, which is simple, clear, and well-arranged.


The subtle angle between floor-to-ceiling window units enriches the reflection effect of the building facade on the light, forming a unique oblique texture. Based on satisfying the use, lighting, and ventilation, with the change of sunshine angle, the changeable projection and reflection show a fish scale-like vitality.


Landscape Ocean


The high-spirited tower adds multiple depths of field to the building while enriching the activity scenes and landscape levels, creating a lively and dynamic visual effect that is about to break through the waves and jump up.


The podium's undulating posture creates a multi-level, three-dimensional space. Unlike conventional office parks with fixed routines, the three-dimensional traffic mode provides a variety of choices. Multiple viewpoints shuttle up and down the trail, and a dynamic visual beauty instantly captures the heart.


The partial lifting of the tower is intended to create a new landscape for the office building. The terrace linking the indoor and outdoor spaces creates an ideal spot for the tech company's staff to socialize, recharge, and brainstorm while maintaining a flexible and free office ambiance.


The green landscape is closely embedded in the building's atrium and seamlessly integrated into the interior through the high-permeability floor-to-ceiling window. The murmuring water scenery and lush greenery make the courtyard landscape attractive when entering and looking down from above.


Large zigzag steps provide a great imaginative space for public activities. Beyond facilitating movement, these steps offer spaces for relaxation, events, and interpersonal interactions. Accented with wooden stools and creatively designed planting pools add charm and utility, underscoring the project's commitment to creating spaces supporting various activities and experiences.


All Living Things in the Ocean


"Ocean Culture" has also been integrated into interior design. LYCS Architecture believes a warm and inclusive office space can give every employee a sense of belonging and honor. The design team will extract ocean-related colors and elements into public space design, creating a vibrant and energetic corporate atmosphere.


Thanks to integrated design, building components, including pipelines, have become important design elements: the design team's innovative theme color sky insertion system liberates the indoor layout and makes the overall space appear spacious. Discussing anytime and anywhere is a unique working way for Merit Interactive, so the design team proposed leaving space around the wall and transforming the inner facade of the aluminum panel into a whiteboard wall, allowing discussions to unfold anytime and anywhere in the sunlight.




Based on Internet companies' flexible collaboration mode and colorful lifestyle, LYCS Architecture has customized a landmark headquarters for Merit Interactive that perfectly integrates working methods and corporate culture. After six years of preparation, the building injects new energy and vitality into the city with a light, cheerful gesture.

海上巨鲸 | 每日互动(个推)总部办公园区












The Giant Whales | Merit Interactive Headquarters

Location: Hangzhou | China

Client: Merit Interactive Co.,Ltd.

Area: 87,000 ㎡

Design Date: 2018/06—2021/10

Construction Date: 2019/08—2023/10

Architecture、Interior、FF&E、Exhibition Design: LYCS Architecture

Cooperative Design Institute: Zhejiang University of Technology Engineering Design Group Co., LTD.

Construction Contractor (Architecture) : Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group

Construction Contractor (Interior) : ZheJiang YASHA Decoration Co.,Ltd.

Photography: Inter_mountain images、Kangren Liu

Video: Inter_mountain images



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