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由Aedas总监Rafael Acosta 带领团队打造的Signature Global De-Luxe DXP 高层住宅项目,位于印度古尔冈第37D区,由8座塔楼、面积3,200平方米的会所、占地21,000平方米的综合商业区和地下停车场组成,提供了从三居室到横跨三层的复式顶层公寓等多种户型。
Signature Global De-Luxe DXP High Rise Residential is a luxury high-rise residential development in Sector 37D, Gurugram, India comprising 8 towers, a 3,200 sq m Clubhouse as well as an integrated commercial block with 21,000 sq m of retail offerings, and a basement carpark within the development. The development caters to a wide range of residents, offering units from 3 bedrooms to 3-storey penthouses.
位于37D区的De-Luxe DXP项目鸟瞰图

Aerial View of De-Luxe DXP in Sector 37D

The development is highly accessible, situated along the Dwarka Expressway that connects Gurugram to Delhi, Sohna, and Indira Gandhi International Airport. The masterplan of De-Luxe DXP provides unobstructed views of the surrounding areas to all residents.
The design concept, ‘A Gateway to Gurugram’, is brought to life through iconic high-rise residential towers, meticulously designed to maximise the site's development potential. The varying building heights create a dynamic skyline, offering clear panoramic views from each unit. The façade of the development features a variable horizontal pattern that establishes a diverse and dynamic architectural language, linking all residential blocks. Large areas of communal gardens and public activity spaces are designed to promote community integration.

A dynamic skyline

The Clubhouse serves as the hub for communal activities, offering a resort-like environment amidst lush and well-designed landscapes. It features swimming pools, sports facilities, a spa, gym, mini-theatre, workspaces, a fine-dining restaurant and banquet halls, along with a dedicated kitchen and external access for visitors.




The two-storey retail mall hosts a variety of anchor stores and shops, providing a broad range of retail offerings and services to meet the diverse needs of residents. Its layout is intentionally simple to ensure easy navigation and optimal visibility. The mall is designed with natural ventilation and ample sun cover to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The commercial block also includes a roof terrace for restaurants, offering open-sky alfresco dining with outdoor views to enhance the dining experience.



Dropoff Areas

A largely passive environmental design approach has been adopted with the aim of creating a more climate-responsive development. Buildings have been carefully oriented to optimise natural light and ventilation, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the towers and reducing reliance on artificial lighting and climate control systems. Units feature spacious living and dining areas, with balconies that extend the living spaces to encourage natural ventilation and minimise heat gain on warmer days. Common areas and staircases are naturally ventilated - with screens for privacy. The passive green design also includes communal green roofs and extensive planters, improving the micro-climate within the development.

Large Balcony

项目主要设计人Aedas总监及印度次大陆地区负责人Rafael Acosta表示:"设计实现了创造性与功能性的独特平衡,将现代美学与可持续发展策略完美融合。"
Design Director for the project Rafael Acosta, Aedas Principal and Country head for the India Subcontinent, believes ‘the design brings a unique blend of creativity and functionality to the project, seamlessly integrating modern aesthetics with sustainable principles’.
De-Luxe DXP以舒适、便利且奢华的空间体验,树立了现代生活方式的全新标杆。它优越的地理位置确保了极佳的交通便利性,并以多种尺度的住房选择满足了不同居民的需求。这不仅仅是一座住宅,更是兼具功能性的创意生活探索。
De-Luxe DXP epitomises modern living - combining comfort, convenience, and luxury. Its strategic location ensures excellent accessibility and a variety of housing options cater to a diverse resident base. More than just a residence, it is a uniquely creative and functional way to live.
业主:Signature Global
主要设计人:Rafael Acosta,总监
Location: Sector 37D Gurugram, India
Client: Signature Global
GFA: 210,205 sq m
Completion Year: 2025
Design Director: Rafael Acosta


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