AKAITTO日本餐厅和酒吧 | HBA室内设计

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最近在墨尔本弗林德斯巷尽头开设了一家日本餐厅与Akaiito酒吧,拥有着充满情调的室内氛围和令人难忘的高端美食体验。餐饮区域结合了鸡尾酒吧,用餐区和Robata Omakase在温馨的氛围中供应日本料理。浪漫情调的精致双人桌设计,可以让人们在此更好地享用日本美食。

The Japanese restaurant and bar Akaiito, space of a moody interior and inspiring fine dining experience recently opened at the corporate end of Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Combining a cocktail bar with a dining area and a Robata Omakase, one can enjoy the taste of Japanese cuisine in an intimate atmosphere. Table for two?

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The upper level can accommodate up to 54 diners including a private dining room and the central area, stone-topped counter, is lined with 18 stools providing guests with front row seats to the show-stopping kitchen experience of the signature Robatayaki Charcoal Grill. The underground cocktail bar transports guests to another world and completes the venue.

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The interior developed by the HBA Melbourne brings to life an ancient Japanese legend –“The red thread of destiny”. An invisible thread attached at our little finger leads us through life where the one whom we are destined to be with awaits us at the other end of that thread. This romantic tale is manifest in every aspect of the interior and graphic design. 

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A bright red thread that illuminates the exposed wooden ceiling leads guests through the bold, moody space further into the restaurant and the bar below. The thread connects guests, with the space, the chefs and the food. 


In creating a captivating, dark atmosphere, illuminated by the “red thread” light feature, HBA also pays homage to the restaurant’s location in a heritage building. The aged historic details of the building, with its original blue stone walls, wooden beams and unique, basement columns harmoniously blend the restaurant’s location with the vibrancy of the venue’s modern concept. 

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“我们很高兴Akaiito的业主密切合作,他让我们通过设计将我们的设计理念得以实现。” - 墨尔本HBA董事Margaret Brown

“We were pleased to work closely with the owners of Akaiito, who allowed us to bring our design concept to life through the design process.” - Margaret Brown, Director of HBA Melbourne.



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