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"From the blue sea reflecting the blue sky, to the boat sail back and forth" Jinjiang land gene, each strand contains the history and culture of the city; people living in this piece of land are connected and permeated with it. We extract the characteristics of the site, introduce a piece of urban forest between the mountains and rivers, integrate the regional characteristics and cultural complex, embody the humanistic care, and create a quiet, healthy and tender poetic dwelling in this bustling and noisy area.

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Site recognition


The project is located in the Jinyang Lake area around Jinjiang City, with convenient transportation and rich landscape resources: it is adjacent to the 99 Creek in the south, the Oasis Park in the west, and the municipal park under construction in the north and south. The traffic network is planned in a "well" shape around the plot, and the traffic is convenient. The site is relatively long and narrow, with a triangular spatial scale, gradually opening from west to east, with a smooth axis. For the fire lanes and more fire climbing surfaces in the large area, weakening treatment is adopted, and pocket gardens, living room areas and green areas are increased.

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Design inspiration


The theme is often given by the unique story brought by the region. For Quanzhou, the Maritime Silk Road has given it a different identity. So we took the Maritime Silk Road route as a guide to convert the connection between ports and ports on the Silk Road into a connection between functional areas and functional areas in the large area, and the soft and guiding curve of silk runs through the entire park.

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Design Strategy




Taking history as a reference: The starting point of the Maritime Silk Road is Quanzhou, so we incorporated the "Haisi" culture into the design of the district. In this way, the Maritime Silk Road is not only a long history, but also an addition to the design of the region.

Turning parts into wholes: For the problem of many fire-fighting elevations, we break the inherent design thinking and adopt the design method of breaking into parts to give the landscape more possibilities.

Changlinfengcao: In the limited space, we added "pocket gardens" between the buildings, and diversified planting forms, such as layered planting and sunny lawns, to increase the amount of greenery in the community.



Design highlights


阶阶步道 · 传递的空间礼仪,场地空间的秩序恰到好处。空间轴线被拉长时,仪式感便油然而生。

层层叠水 · 种植与步道之间,水的衔接使得空间层次丰富起来,晚风轻拂水面,用淙淙的水声迎君归家。

Step-by-step trails · The space etiquette and the order of the venue space are just right. When the space axis is elongated, the sense of ritual emerges spontaneously.

Layers of water · The connection of water between plantings and trails enriches the spatial hierarchy. The evening breeze is blowing gently on the water surface, welcoming you home with the gurgling sound of water.


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月轮穿沼水无痕 | There is no trace when the moon reaches the bottom of the pool



The ups and downs of life trajectories often require the collision and reorganization of colors, either flat or blazing. In one space, the communication between different ages creates more unexpected surprises for life. Sweat-sweeping sports venues, calm and quiet strolling trails, calm and warm fireworks fill the entire space.

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Observe all things, have more experience



The children are the most loyal to adventure. They feel that when they are adventurous, they seem to have become fearless adults, so they laughed and rushed to the sandpit, climbed the net, laughed through the open woods and grass, scattered to the park. Every corner.

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树木丛生,百草丰茂 | Overgrown with trees and lush grass

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余忆童稚时,能张目对日 | When I was young, I could open my eyes and watch the sun



As the setting sun sinks, the colorful trails are covered with bright spots. The trees stretch their branches and use light and shadow to draw the story of annual rings on the ground. As time goes on, they are finally annihilated in the night. , The building is hidden.

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明月别枝惊鹊,清风半夜蝉鸣 |The moon rose and surprised the birds, and the cicadas began to sing



Everyone wanted to find the quietness in the square inch, so the leaves rustle led people to come, the forest was quiet, and time stopped for this. The occasional sound of birds breaking into the gallery, together with the sunlight spilling out of the grille and the space of the gallery, is crisp and tactful, and the physical effect adds not only a unique sense of design but also a unique sense of atmosphere to the environment. The breeze was blowing, but the green grass was all green.

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明月如霜,好风如水,清景无限 | The moon is like frost, the wind is like water, and the scenery is pleasant.

Concluding remarks

The landscape is not only the foil among the tall buildings, but also the emotional resonance triggered by people's yearning for life and the sustenance of the city's emotions. Therefore, in the design process, we integrated and analyzed the historical context, site recognition, and adapted plants, laying the foundation for building a healthy and warm community, and injecting its own soul into the landscape of the large area.








Project Name: Jinjiang Longhu ZiChen 3

Project location: China. Jinjiang. Quanzhou

Land scale: 23820 square meters

Service content: All stages

Developer: Longfor Real Estate




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