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太平鸟总部办公大楼的概念设计是通过业主与建筑师不断沟通所取得的成果。著名时尚产业集团总部办公大楼的设计提出了挑战,设计不仅要创造出传统意义上能满足办公功能需求的空间,同时也可以激发和培养集团公司不同品牌部门间的联系与交往。 由建筑内连贯的“集合空间”团结公司凝聚力的同时也创造出一种类似“大家庭”的友善的办公环境。

The concept is the fruition of the dialogue that has taken place between the Client and the Architect. Designing a Fashion Headquarters Office challenges a design response to create spaces and building that not only functions in the traditional sense of an office space but a space that can inspire and nurture a community between the different Brand Departments of the Company. A collection of spaces that ‘Unite’ the company and furthermore make the environment a family, a ‘home’ to enjoy your work and people you work with. 




太平鸟公司是十分成功的,公司名字“太平鸟”暗喻了公司对“自由想象”的渴求,“ 成为自己,表达自己”,像鸟一样地自由翱翔于空中。在概念设计阶段,我们的目标是捕捉到这个精神,在总部建筑中将此理念表达出来;并用建筑化的纺织设计语言来表达公司追求时尚的价值观。同时,我们认为这个设计应具有自身的当代中国元素。这个设计是中国文化与现代世界文化的产物,而不仅仅成为一个全球化的设计结果,毫无建筑场所的地域特征与归属感。

PeaceBird as a Company is very successful and the name itself conjures the imagination to think of ‘freedom’, ‘to be yourself, express yourself’. The sense of ‘flight’ like a bird, ‘free as a bird’. Our aim was to capture this spirit in the conceptual design so the headquarters itself also expressed this ideology and will represent the company values towards fashion and textile design in its architectural language. We also felt it necessary that the design have within it’s ‘DNA’ a contemporary Chinese essence. The architecture should embody Chinese Culture and manifest itself for a modern World and not just become a Globalized design without place or a sense of belonging. 




尝试了不同的设计后, 我们强烈的感觉这栋建筑应该是由内到外的一种抒发 …….这意味着我们将环绕总部建筑的“心脏”核心来设计具有活力的空间,并将这种活力通过搏动传递到建筑外部与景观场地。在某种意义上,我们想要达到的目标计划是全面的、动态的,来展现与庆祝公司总部所要表达的理念;“成为宁波市一幢具有标识性的,能给公司与宁波市带来自豪感的建筑”。

After considering many approaches to the project we had a strong sense of feeling that this building should express itself from the inside out........meaning we wanted to embrace the energy from the design environment within the ‘heart’ of the HQ and allow this to pulsate outwards like a source of energy to the outer envelope and landscaping. In a sense we wanted to achieve a scheme that was holistic and dynamic to celebrate the company ideology. A building that takes an ‘iconic’ status within the City of Ningbo. A building and Company Ningbo can be proud of. 

“鸟的翱翔”本身具有很多的寓意与讲述,但我们如何将其与创意时尚公司联系在一起,并表达出某种含意呢? “一个年轻的,时尚的,现代的,充满活力的公司!一个代表面向21 世纪新中国的公司!” 很显然,我们首先应该研究什么创造了飞行,什么能量和力量,让这种现象发生。”热流”是最纯粹的与此相关的气象问题,它会影响很多事情。例如“鸟”可以毫不费力地滑行于热流之上。它动作优雅,并使用最少的努力, 以实现“飞行” 。

The flight’ of a bird can be taken in the form of many narratives but how could we express this and combine it with the creativity of the fashion company? a young, fashionable, contemporary, dynamic company! A company that represents a New China for the 21st Century. It became apparent early on that we should research what creates flight, what energy and forces allow this phenomenon to occur. A ‘Thermal’ is the purest meteorological matter associated with this and it affects many things. A ‘bird’ for example can effortlessly glide on a thermal. It can be graceful and use the most minimal of effort to achieve ‘flight’. 



这种“热流”的形式是“自由流动”和“高效”的。这种运动和空间成为概念设计的催化剂。它多层次有效的运转和功能性,成为我们设计计划中的漩涡核心。楼层空间向外延展,类似于中国古扇一样。这种布局方式形成可供人们交流的空间。 建筑空隙与垂直流通空间以 “超级楼梯”的形式,穿透并旋转建筑空间,营造出壮观的室内空间,同时引入并造型自然采光。这些透空与中庭提供了建筑更多地空气流通,增大了能源利用效率。

The thermal in its form is ‘sinuous’ and ‘efficient’. This movement and space became the catalyst for the concept. It operates and functions efficiently at many levels and gave us a kind of vortex epicenter to the whole scheme. Floor levels could radial outwards from this form like a Chinese Ancient fan. This approach would become the space in the building where people could ‘connect’. Voids and vertical circulation in the form of ‘super staircases’ could penetrate and rotate in the space generating spectacular spaces and sculpt the natural daylight. It allows for more ventilation through the space providing greater energy efficiency. 

“热流”沿着一个标准的园形平面形式螺旋向上运动。这些几何构成元素在建筑功能, 建筑可持续性和建筑本身之间交互作用, 形成了一个非常强烈的建筑圆环, 将你自然的通过入口引进并引领你开始一个流畅的、蜿蜒曲折的流线旅程,通过螺旋型的动线向上运动,热流承载你最终穿越总部大楼的内部空间到达建筑屋顶花园,你将可以俯瞰宁波市壮观的全景。建筑的各楼层形式转移变化,以获得更多的日光,并提供一飞冲天向上运动的概念。

The ‘thermal’ takes on a pure circular form in plan and spirals upwards. These geometric ingredients gave us a very strong form that integrated functionality, sustainability and architecture. A ‘Loop’ is formed which ‘sucks’ you in through the entrance and takes you on a fluid, sinuous journey through the spaces of the HQ Building coming to a climax at roof level where the ‘Thermal’ movement delivers you at the roof gardens to spectacular panoramic views across the 

notion of a soaring upward movement. 






The office plans through design studies created ‘ringed thresholds’ that filter the space from outside (private) to inside (community) converging on views and access to a modern day interpretation of the Chinese hidden garden that was so prominent in ancient Chinese architecture. 




This garden acts as a ‘lung’. It is the space that is revealed progressively to the eye on approach and where offices have views and people can relax when they need to recharge their creativity. 

圆环中心花园同时还像皇冠一样带在建筑下部空间之上, 营造了一个集展会、会议及时尚秀的多功能空间。同时也是一个多层次、多功能的屋顶。 中心花园由此变得更加通透,它的设计采用与办公空间相同的整体设计,通过流线运动穿梭在建筑两层之间。这同时也为入口接待大堂和办公空间提供了优美的视觉感受。同时,也可作为像花园一样的圆形室外阶梯剧场,为时装秀、室外论坛或员工电影院等功能提供场地。

The Garden also ‘crowns’ the spaces below in the underworld of the project where exhibition, conferences and fashion shows can be accommodated. It is like a multi layered, multi-functional roof. The garden becomes more though, it takes the same holistic approach as the office spaces and movement by creating a sinuous movement through two floor levels. This allows it to respond to the views from reception and the office spaces above. A kind of landscaped amphitheater that in the summer months can be used for company events from fashion shows to lectures or ‘Cinema’ at night for the staff. 




The landscape resonates through the building to the external site where the geometry echoes the movement and energy created from the spaces within. The tangential geometry from the loop sculpts the landscape and provides gradients and textured surfaces of plants, water and access roads. This architectural treatment covers the site allowing shade and camouflage for the pedestrian, vehicular and bicycle users. 


It is the final piece of the concept that ‘frames’ the view of the HQ Building giving it a ‘spirit, energy and expression of the identity of PeaceBird’. The form seems pure but in the subtlety of its detail creates a gentle ‘looped ripple’ that helps screen and shade office spaces from the direct sunlight allowing full height glazing to open up expansive views. This delicate approach has a metaphoric connection with textiles/fabrics that come alive when they designed, manufactured and worn. The movement and ‘ripple’ gives it shape and celebrates the individual that graces the garment.





Therefore, the Concept is ‘tailored’ and ‘expresses’ the needs of this project, it aspires to connect with the way people will live and work in this space and celebrate a new era in 21st century Chinese Culture which PeaceBird as a Company is part of and is defining in this moment of time. 



Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. 

——Coco Chanel



项目名称:  太平鸟总部


项目地点: 中国宁波




建筑面积(平方米): 75,000


ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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