[SHL / News] 合伙人Chris Hardie加入成都天府新区兴隆湖国际竞赛评审团
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日前,SHL建筑事务所合伙人、设计总监Chris Hardie,受邀加入成都天府新区公园城市“首提地”—兴隆湖双心联动国际竞赛评审团。

Chris Hardie, Partner and Design Director of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, has been invited to join the jury of international competition Tianfu New Area Xinglong Global Lake Duo Competition.



Located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, starting from Tianfu Square, along Renmin South Road and Tianfu Avenue all the way south, Xinglong Lake Area has a total planned area of 5360 acres, a water area of about 4,500 acres. It mainly undertakes core functions such as technological innovation, foreign exchange, and ecological leisure in terms of industrial planning and regional positioning. 



In the context of the Post-epidemic era, the Park City Construction Bureau of Sichuan Tianfu New Area Chengdu Management Committee lead to organize this global duo competition, calling for designs for 1500m2 Children's Art Center and 1450m2 Roadshow Center by Xinglong Lake. Urban public activities such as culture, art, performances, parenting and children will be introduced to empower the park city.

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Through the competition, the Chengdu Tianfu Government aims to develop a better and more integrated urban green space, create a more dynamic public-engaging space, and build a park city that meets social welfare needs. In the future, the Children's Art Center and Roadshow Center will help Xinglong Lake to increase vitality and condense popularity. It will also become an important destination and venue for various cultural and artistic activities.


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 关于 Chris Hardie 

 About Chris Hardie 

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SHL合伙人Chris拥有丰富的设计及执行经验,领导了SHL许多知名项目的设计工作。其中包括国际刑事法庭(荷兰海牙)、威斯敏斯特城市大学(英国伦敦)、哈利法克斯中央图书馆(加拿大新斯科舍省,项目于2016年被授予加拿大最高国家荣誉奖——总督建筑奖章)。Chris是英国阿伯丁罗伯特戈登大学斯科特萨瑟郡建筑学院的名誉教授。同时,也是Perkins and Will全球执行董事会和全球设计董事会的成员。

Chris has been involved in and led a number of significant projects for SHL, including the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the City of Westminster College in London, and the new Halifax Central Library in Nova Scotia which was awarded the Governor General’s Medal for Architecture in Canada in 2016. Also, Chris is an Honorary Professor of Architecture at The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, UK and currently sits on the Executive Committee and Design Board at Perkins and Will.


 Chris’s recent selected practices in China 

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“十三五” 时期上海文化设施建设重大项目——上海图书馆东馆(在建)

Shanghai Library East (Under construction)

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Shanghai Dream Center (Under construction)

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Shanghai Green Valley Office (Under construction)

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Ningbo New Library (Completed)

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Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group HQ (Completed)

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Ningbo Home of Staff (Completed)

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Beijing Vanke Times Center SLP (Completed)

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NIO House蔚来中心 | 杭州西湖(建成)

NIO House Hangzhou West Lake (Completed)

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The Cloud Pavilion (Completed)

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Shenzhen East Waste-to-Energy Plant (Under construction)

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