[SHL / News] 宁波图书馆新馆 入围“ArchDaily年度建筑大奖”最佳文化建筑
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We are thrilled to share that our Ningbo New Library Shortlisted For “ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards”!



Located on the edge of an ecological wetland, the new public library in Ningbo is SHL’s first completed library project in China.


31800 m²新图书馆的主要功能包含主门厅、读者服务区、少儿图书馆、24小时自助图书馆、盲人阅览室、两个讲堂、宽敞的图书阅览室和咖啡厅。

The 31800 square meters new library comprises the most popular library functions and collections including the main lobby, reader services, children’s library, 24-hour library, a library for the visually impaired, two lecture halls, a café, and the grand reading room. 

首层围绕8000平方米的开放的文化市集展开,拥有最热门的图书馆功能区和馆藏. 底楼四面开放,与外部公共广场、景观生态公园和湖泊相连。

Ningbo New Library is organized around an 8,000-square-metre open “square” on the first level. Meantime, the ground floor is visually open on all sides, connecting it to an external public plaza and a landscaped ecological park and lake. 

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图书馆的中央是一个五层通高的大中庭。28 米高的“中央公共大书架”,将首层的文化市集,与上层一系列更为安静的专业研究空间和古籍地方文献阅览室联系起来。所有室内空间的自然采光都通过建筑设计进行优化,中央中庭则最大限度地利用自然通风。

In the heart of the library is acentral atrium that cuts vertically through the building’s five levels. The generous, 28-metre-high space connects the ground floor square with a series of quieter research spaces and the historic collections on the floors above. The use of natural daylight in all interior spaces is optimized through the building orientation, and natural ventilation is maximized through the central atrium.

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