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广东,江门 Jiangmen, Guangdong








Located at Xinzhouwei, Silver Bay Wetland Park, Xinhui, Jiangmen, JIANGMEN BLUEBAY is at the west extension line of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,adjacent to South China Sea and the first cultural & tourism benchmark project in the Great Bay Area (GBA) that integrates mountains, the lake, the springs and the sea.

黄金海岸线 Gold Coastline

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The total area of this project is 3,500 mu(1mu=666.67m2) and around 1,500 mu of which is the wetland park. Surrounded by mountains in three sides, the site enjoys 10 km long gold coastline, 10 independent islands and two springs. The wetland park is the home of numerous egrets which live leisurely between waters crisscrossing with each other.



With GFA near 1 million squaremeters, the project is divided into 5 functional areas, namely resort, healthcare, parents & children, sports and commercial area. Seven groups are developed centering “one core and one axis” and more than 40 resort supporting facilities are laid out at meanwhile to meet various demands of the guests.  


The Dream Experience Area which has been open to the public consists of entrance show area, sales center, brands gathering, the big sand table, the circulation routes in the demonstration area for courtyard and the demonstration area for houses.

▼总体布局 Master Plan

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骏地设计为本项目搭建豪华设计团队,由多次荣获国际ASAI卓越建筑表现奖、美国建筑师学会首席设计师Wilson Deomampo大师领衔,通过整合优越的自然环境,创造一种健康的全龄的休闲度假生活方式,围绕着星空、森林、田园为设计元素,并加入了现代3D打印技术,最终提炼出“林深时见鹿,海蓝时见鲸,梦醒时见你”的设计愿景,打造一个极具梦幻的文艺神盘。

JUND sends an excellent design team led by master Wilson Deomampo, the chief designer of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and has won ASAI Excellent Architectural Visualization Award for several times. By integrating the superior natural resources, the team creates a healthy leisure and resort lifestyle for people of all ages. Taking the starry sky, the forest and the countryside as major elements of design, and with the help of modern 3D print technology, a dreamy community with literature and art atmosphere is created with the design vision of “encountering deer deep in the forest, meeting the whale on the sea and seeing you when I wake up”.

▼示范区鸟瞰总图 Aerial View

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▼示范区景观平面图 Master Plan Of Show Area

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The entrance consists of four areas: the Welcome Square-the major scenery of Starry Bluebay, the Pastoral Parking,the Dreamy Forest and the Starry Wharf.

▼入口区域鸟瞰图 Aerial View

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Starry Bluebay



A 8-meter-high whale is jumping out fromthe sea with wave surging and groups of fish are swimming around freely -it’sthe scene presented at the entrance by a huge 3D water curtain. As the scene isclosely adjacent to the coastline, it’s a little bit difficult for the visitorsto distinguish between the real and the virtual. 


The designers also introduce sea breezeinto the landscape design. More than 10,000 rose gold pneumatic plates of high ductilityare employed to create the landscape wall on the right of the entrance. Once the sea breeze blows, the plates will tinkle, just like joyful whisper of firstsight. 

▼设计草图 Sketch

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▼星耀银参数化曲线墙 The Parametric Curve Wall

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▼星耀银湖 Starry Bluebay

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▼海蓝时见鲸 Meeting The Whale On The Sea

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Flower field




Around the parking, there’s boundless reed marshes; in distance, the rolling mountains look like the livid eyebrows of beauties. In order to make the guests feel the pleasant brought by the natural resources of the project at the moment they arriving at Jiangmen Bluebay, the landscape designers decide to create a pastoral scene with footpath among flowers and the existing reed marshes in addition to the atmosphere created by the background music. The pure pastoral memory is therefore wakened up immediately. 

▼稻香花田停车场 The Pastoral Parking

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Swinging reed marshes are seen along the way towards the parking. At the entrance of the parking, there’s “a footpath among leaves”, being consisted of leaves of diverse shapes and colors, including expensive gold sword fern, bright and cute senecio cineraria, creeping sedum chrysanthum and asparagus densiflorus with funny posture. In the parking, there grows verbena bonariensis and Chinese pennisetum.

▼稻香花田停车场 The Pastoral Parking

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The designers also set thousands of digital glowworms in the footpaths among flowers in the parking. When the night falls, breeze blows the leaves, you, hearing the tireless chirping of cicadas under the starry sky, will find yourself come back the light-hearted home in your childhood.



Composite self-healing carbon molecular materials are used to cover the parking ground. The new material features low carbon, environmental friendliness and climate durability, which also confirms the healthy ecology pursuit of the project. 

▼稻香花田停车场 The Pastoral Parking

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Pure original natural scenery is no longer available as human beings have been conducting cultivation activities in a long time. However, tracts of herbs grow at the edges of rice fields and ponds. Therefore, the landscape designers plant various kinds of herbs at the parking lot to generate a lot of oxygen and make the environment fresh.


The Fantastic Forest

▼奇幻森林入口 Entrance of the Fantastic Forest

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The Fantastic Forest is a transition space connecting the parking lot and the tourist wharf. Such a gathered and repressive “secrete place” is set on the way from a spacious space to an open lake to bring special experience to the guests. The designers hide 3D printed petals, dragonflies, deer in this “fantastic forest”. The forest is filled with diverse marvelous flowers and plants, and sometimes you will see amber lights dropping from above.  

▼奇幻森林混合花径 The Footpath Among Flowers

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The main structure of the cloud pergola is three layers of patterned steel frames, from where drop the liana and induction breathing lamps which are able to interact with people. The pillars supporting the pergola are hidden in the palms. People walking under the pergola will appreciate the beauty of scattered sunlight in the space. 

▼奇幻森林-设计师草图 Designers’ Sketch-The Fantastic Forest

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▼云朵廊架-云朵廊架设计图 The Cloud Pergola

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Metal spliced deer lamps and Lianyun swings are set on the landscape of the greenbelt to create a secret, romantic and fairy-tale like atmosphere- encountering deer deep in the forest.

▼林深时见鹿 Encountering Deer Deep In The Forest

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The Crescent Wharf



Getting out of the Cloud Pergola, stepping down, you will come to the tourist wharf, namely the Crescent Wharf. This artificial suspended wharf solve the sedimentation problem of the silt layer and is able to accommodate 8 boats at the same time. 

▼新月码头鸟瞰 Aerial View

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The well-interacted green lake and the mangrove forest in the Silver Lake Bay Wetland form a unique original wetland landscape. Even egrets, which requires high quality ecological environment, come back here every year tospend winter and lay eggs.

▼新月码头-设计师草图 Sketch-The Crescent Wharf

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▼新月码头日景 The Crescent Wharf In The Daytime

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▼新月湾混合花径 夜景 The Footpaths Among Flowers

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From the global perspective, it’s not a new move for 3D print to participate in architectural design. While in China, 3D print technology is widely used in Jiangmen Bluebay Project for the first time. With the help of FDM huge-dimension print and SLS nylon print, the designers overwhelm some difficulties of industrial manufacture and create a sense of future echoing nature at the same time. 


The huge 3D printed facility named “Sea & Sky” standing at the center of the Crescent Wharf, being 10 meters high, 5.9 meters long and 3 meters wide, consists of 5 continuous hyperboloid arches whose heights increase gradually. The currently largest 3D print FDM equipment in China is employed and it took only 5 days to print the whole work and 2 days to assemble it. 

▼《海天一色》日景实拍 “Sea & Sky”

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The design inspiration comes from the spoondrift and the clouds and stars in the sky. The patterns changing from the bottom to the top guide our view from the boundless ocean to the vast firmament. The gradually changing light, holes and patterns look like stars in the sky. It seems that the arches connect the present with the future. A fabulous scenery is presented: the sea merges into the sky at the horizon. People will feel like facing the sea or looking up at the starry sky. 

▼《海天一色》夜景实拍 Sea & Sky”

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Board on a boat at the Crescent Wharf, go through the Silver Bay Wetland, you will see the Pavilion of Clouds Quay, from where we can get access to the sales center. Behind the Pavilion of Clouds, there’re several white houses with double slop top-the sales center of Jiangmen Bluebay. The sky blue tops form the profile of mountains, echoing the sky and the mountains in the distance. 

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▼云之亭码头 The Pavilion Of Clouds Quay

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The inspiration of the Pavilion of Clouds comes from the “All Seeing Eye” of ancient Greece. The overall structure is created with 3D print technology. The top employs crystal print, the body of the pavilion is finished with pure white piano coating. The lighting devices on both sides of the floating bridge are also made with 3D print technology. The light helps to improve the lighting of the plank road and adds a sense of design.

▼云之亭 The Pavilion Of Clouds

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The designers specially select plumbago auriculata from blue and purple plants and some consolida ajacis from pinkplants to create the landscape around the Pavilion of Clouds Quay. The perfectcombination of plant landscape with the device landscape create a romantic and artisticscenery.

▼3D打印作品《云之亭》 The Pavilion Of Clouds

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Go along the floating bridge, you will arrive at the costly Starshine Square.
In order to create a dreamy “pure white” world, the design team searched every stone material market in south China area to find the purest stone. Cost spent on numerous experiments and labors and materials for cutting and type setting were exorbitant.


During construction, the efforts from various partners were gathered in short time, designers stayed on site to provide theoretic guidance and make correction in time once any problem was found, which was significant for the project to be successfully completed.    


▼星光广场日景 Starshine Square

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Finally, the 1,000 square meters of Starshine Square is covered with a kind of crystal white marble which is determined after numerous selections and comparations by the designers. Only the stone costs over RMB 3 million yuan. 


In order to underline the theme of starshine, more than 200 lamp beads are inlaid on the ground in the pattern of ripples. At night, the starshine from the sky and the light from the ground radiate towards the building of sales center. 

▼星光广场夜景 Starshine Square

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At the waterfront pergola of the front square, a large shallow pool isset to connect six rest spaces and form the Pavilion of Water. The buildingsare reflected in the water, which adds dynamic and vitality to the whole site.Thus a visitor-friendly area of social and rest is created. 


▼水岸连廊 The Waterfront Pergola

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销售区的休息平台采用律动的水纹元素加以延续水景,形成整体的画面,长凳具有功能性又不失美感, 加上绿植和岸灯的氛围烘托,自成一景。


The rest area of the sales center combines dynamic ripple elements with extended water view and form an integrated image. The benches are both functional and decorative, with the help of green plants and coastal lighting, an unique atmosphere is created. 



The Tent Hotel submerges in thewedeliachinensis and pennisetum alopecuroides and only the tip is visible. It’s notonly a house, but a suitable place to enjoy nature and spend an afternoon andthe evening with families and friends.

▼帐篷酒店 The Tent Hotel

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▼西侧栈道观赏草 The ornamental grasses

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A quiet garden is set at the entrance and exit of the villa area. Modern lighting technologies are employed to release a group of elfin at night topresent an enchanted wonderland, where is a quiet garden covered with a clusterof lamps with flower-like appearance in the daytime.  

▼静怡花园 The Quiet Garden

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It’s a corner of the garden in the residence area filled with tropical characteristics. Plants of diverse postures and feelings are invited into create the garden landscape. Local species such as verbena bonariensis, salvia farinacea, African agapanthus and Chinese pennisetum are the major plants, a few of local chorisia speciose are used as well. 


During selecting plants for the flowers around the footpaths, the designers visited almost all the plant market and the nursery gardens in Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian Province to search for the exact ones. The matching of various plants is not plane. The designers have to design and plant again and again to conform with their natural living status, while create a kind of visual aesthetics and exquisiteness to match perfectly with such a high-end resort area. 

▼曲径通幽混合花径 The Footpath Among Diverse Flowers

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It’s a gift of fantastic garden for the GBA. It is the unique courtyard-style club enjoying hot springs, a wetland park and the sea view at the same time in the GBA. 

▼休息平台 A Rest Corner

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Each of the villas enjoys both a front yard and a back yard. Rooms arelocated at both sides of the courtyard which makes the courtyard natural landscape available for each room. On the second floor, guests will be able tooverlook the water view.

▼合院入口 The Entrance Of A Courtyard

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A private wharf is available at the back yard for each unit. Through the French windows, guests will be able to appreciate the overall landscape of the back yard. In the units of 170 ㎡, an outdoor health resort is available. 

▼130㎡水岸合院 Waterfront Courtyard

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▼170㎡传世合院 Timeless Courtyard 

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▼170㎡户型露天疗养池 The Outdoor Health Resort

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At the back yard of the 260㎡ collection-level courtyard, a superlarge swimming pool and a small golfing range are available. The design integrates the functions of business office, living space and party space,which properly shows the status of the owner.

▼260㎡藏品级合院 Collection-Level Courtyard

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In order to free people from the past life, the creative teams from both Jiangmen Bluebay and JUND build this Dreamland with joint efforts. They bring nature extremely close to the Dreamland, endow extreme purity and beauty to it, make technologies combine extremely with nature and offer the extremely ideal life of the future to the guests and owners. 



Please follow JUND and staytuned for more details of design in this case in upcoming shares: SpecialDesign with 3D Print Technology, Design of Footpaths among Flowers and Storiesbehind the Designers.




景观面积:80, 000㎡  

设计/建成时间:2019 / 2020










Project Information: 

Owner: Shimao Group

Project Location: Jiangmen, Guangdong

Landscape Area: 80, 000㎡

Design / Built Year:2019 / 2020

Planning, Landscape, FF&E Design: 

Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

PIC: Andre Zheng

Planning Team: Frank Chen(Design Director), Nina Tang (Project Manager) , Kuak Guo, Conghan Qi, Rong Su

Landscape Team: Angeline Fu (Design Director), Walter He (Project Manager) , Jian Guan, Changshuo Ji, Wade Wei, Wendy Chen, Queena Liu, Cherry Wu, Jean Qin, Yuan Zhang

FF&E Team: Alex Zheng(Design Director), Gary Zhu(Project Manager),Yan Wu, Jie Chen, Xiujuan Chen

CoDesign (Architecture):J Studio

Photography: Steven Shi,INNSVISION Studio

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